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Viral quotes from author Ken Poirot and his book, Mentor Me, are quickly spreading to every corner of the world via social media. Mentor Me was written to help readers improve their lives in direct contrast to what Ken Poirot describes as other traditional, media popularized self-help or personal development books.

Author Ken Poirot is quoted every single day in social media worldwide. His viral quotes are quickly spreading around the world as they are shared on the internet in such geographically diverse places as Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Many of Ken Poirot’s quotes have been translated into different languages (Malay, Tagalog, Indonesian, Korean, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc…) as more and more people around the globe are introduced to his viral quotes via social media.

When asked about how his viral quotes began to spread throughout the world, author Ken Poirot credited this to the initial publication of his first book, Mentor Me: GA=T+E – A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement. As Ken Poirot explains, his debut book, Mentor Me, was written to help readers develop a blueprint to improve their lives. Ken realized that most “self-help” books are not all that helpful to the reader. In fact, as Ken Poirot wrote in a recent blog post, some of the traditional, media popularized self-help or personal development books provide advice that could even ruin the reader’s life if they tried to follow those teachings. Per Ken Poirot, many popular self-help and personal development books are just not very helpful.

For reference, Ken Poirot’s recent blog titled, “Is a Self Help or Personal Development Book Ruining Your Life?”, can be accessed with the link below: 

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In contrast, as Ken Poirot states, Mentor Me can actually help the reader find their purpose in life and attain their goals with practical, proven methods delivered in a conversational, reader-friendly tone. Readers must agree as they have been fervently posting quotes from author Ken Poirot and his book, Mentor Me, all across the globe via social media, blogs, and various websites. This support from diverse people all around the world has inspired Ken to reach out directly to the media in an attempt to help more readers experience the benefits of his book, Mentor Me.

About Ken Poirot:

Ken has been employed by some of the biggest names in the finance world as both a financial advisor and sales manager. In this capacity he received a great deal of high level training and wisdom. Mentor Me incorporates the best of that high-level training along with his personal and professional experience to help anyone achieve their goals. He is not a traditional motivational speaker nor is Mentor Me your traditional, media popularized self-help or personal development book.

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