Georgia High School Student Publishes Debut Novel with eBooks2go

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA – 22 Aug, 2017 – eBooks2go has published “The Un-Holy Grail”, an action-packed, science fiction novel written by a high school student.

Keith Holmes, 17, became the youngest author in eBooks2go’s family on June 2nd when his novel was converted into eBooks and distributed worldwide. “Keith is a rising star. We are excited to welcome him into our family of authors. It is very encouraging to see students be fearless and showcase their imagination at an early age. The future looks bright for our industry,” said eBooks2go CEO Ramana Abbaraju.  

Signs of Holmes’ potential began to show at the early age of 15 when he wrote a 60,000-word story in six days during a family cruise. The next year, he published his first set of short stories on Wattpad. Positive feedback from his peers inspired him to continue his passion and tackle novel writing with the “Un-Holy Grail” series.

The first installment of the “Un-Holy Grail” series is set in 2068, and protagonist Jonathan Cain learns through a newscast that the holy grail has resurfaced. However, obtaining the ancient relic is not an easy task. Cain must fend off a team of supernatural beings called the “Hunters” as well as his own father to ensure the grail’s power does not end up in the wrong hands. During the chaos, Cain also makes a shocking discovery about his true identity that will alter his life forever.

Although the feedback from his peers fueled his fire, it was the support of his parents that allowed him the opportunity to become a published author. “My parents have been a tremendous help throughout my journey. I am grateful for everything they’ve done to allow to me to be in this position,” said Holmes, “When I receive my first batch of paperbacks in the mail, I am definitely giving them the first copy. It would be wrong not to.”

Readers can download Holmes’ debut novel from Paperback copies are also available for pre-order through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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