United States (US) Insulin Pump Market and CGM Market to cross USD 5 Billion and USD 2 Billion in Future

“US insulin pump market is projected to cross US$ 5 Billion by end of the year 2022.”
Renub Research latest study “USA Insulin Pump Market & Users, CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) Market & Users, Reimbursement Policy (By States), Diabetes (Type1 & 2) Population, Deal Types, Clinical Trials & Forecast” provides a detailed and comprehensive insight of the Insulin Pump & CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) Market in United States.

United States insulin pump market is projected to cross US$ 5 Billion by end of the year 2022. A medical device which is used for the management of insulin in the treatment of diabetes is called “Insulin Pump”. Insulin Pump is a small programme device similar to mobile phone. It is very convenient to use, as this can be easily carried out. The device contains buttons to program insulin and navigates through the menu.

Nowadays in the United States, Insulin Pump has become renowned and a favored device for Type1 diabetes patients. In the United States, rising diabetic patients and increasing alertness towards diabetes, Innovation in technology Drive Insulin pump Market. The use of insulin pump is gaining recognition in the market as insulin delivery systems.

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Renub Research, report studies in-depth analysis of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Market in the United States.

What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a device that allows you to track your glucose continuously all through the day and night, notifying you of ups and downs so you can take action.

The United States Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Market is expected to cross US$ 2 Billion in coming years. Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is very important to all age groups to manage diabetes proficiently. In the United States, the market of CGM has a huge potential in coming years. From the year 2009 to 2016, Continuous Glucose Monitor users have grown to 35 percent.

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Many private insurers like (Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna etc) have started reimbursing CGM based on certain criteria in the United States (Read the criteria in the report). Many experts in the United States think that CGM is the best tool for diabetes management. For those having several diabetes complications, Continuous Glucose Monitor is very much compatible with that.

In this Report, one can study the product analysis of the United States Insulin Pumps i.e. Animas Vibe, Medtronic 530 G with Enlite, Insulet OmniPod, Tandem t: slim and Roche Accu-Chek Combo.


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Report Studies the Reimbursement Policies of USA States – Insulin Pump, Pump Supplies & Diabetes Supplies, CGM



Private Insurer Reimbursement Policy for Insulin Pump & CGM

• Blue Cross and Blue Shield
• Aetna
• Cigna
• United Healthcare

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