Conference Bike – The Future of Communication

Eric Staller’s ConferenceBike, conveniently shortened as CoBi, is setting new standards in innovation for promoting literal communication among people.

We live in the world saturated with technology; new trends are emerging almost every day. Ask an average person and they will tell you that the world is more connected than before. Virtually, yes! However, we are truly forgetting that of communication.

Gone are the days when people use to sit together to merely talk with each other. This is not only affecting our person lives but the impact is evident professionally as well. Nowadays, people find it hard to share their ideas as teams come together because there is a lack of personal connection.

However, Eric Staller is using the same technology to enhance communication among people. His CoBi, a circular bike with 7 seats, is set to change our perspectives when it comes to transportation and team building. Those two terms seem weird together but that is what the CoBi is.

CoBi can be of immense help to bike rental companies, transportation managers, team building managers and enrollment management t colleges and universities. Moreover, CoBi can support special education facilities. It can help the special care providers to provide better help and is personally a good tool for the visually impaired.

CoBi has already been adopted by companies like Google and Tampa Lighthouse. The Googleplex Campus in Mountain View, California features 7 CoBis. The Tampa Lighthouse, which is center proved therapy for the blind, is also using a number of these new age bikes.

Staller has cleverly turned around technology to bring back the simple combination of fun, transportation, and communication. People can finally come together to share ideas that may bring about even more positive changes in the world; having fun and forming personal connections at the same time.

About the Company

The CoBi has been invented by Staller and his company is currently established in Holland. The company customizes and builds each bike separately before shipping across the world. Currently, there are 300 bikes under operation globally.

Media Contact
Company Name: Conference Bike
Contact Person: Nicolay Kreidler
Phone: +1 347 931 8583
Country: United States