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22 August, 2017 – The world is a beautiful place; we are surrounded by superfluous beauty emanating from all corners: the animals, the environment, the characters, the people, the natural and man-made things, etc. All these and much more constitute what gives our eyes that sweet sensation of comfort and pleasure that invariably translates to our hearts. Now imagine an online platform where all those beautiful things, people, events, and talks are all rolled into one; such that anyone anytime and anywhere can access and participate in its wonder. Such an amazing platform is the Beautiful People magazine.

The Beautiful People Magazine is a pure luxury, an upscale cultural publication that offers a diversity of articles to its advertisers and readers. It is known to be a glamorous magazine that celebrates all walks of life, by providing the ultimate insider experience and an original, provocative approach to Beautiful People everywhere.

The concept for Beautiful People Magazine was founded in 2006 to cultivate the sensible idea that beauty is not simply a matter of physical appearance, but is based on our lifestyles and the choices we make to build a better society

This amazing online magazine has interesting categories for VIP, contest, people (belief, relationship, entertainment, nutrition, travel, parenting, philanthropy), fashion (beauty), world (100 heroes of the world, empowerment, politics), science and environment, Technology (entrepreneur, business), real estate.

They have one of the most interesting forum where people from all over the world can come to contribute their own ideas/ opinion, read articles, comment and start conversation on interesting topics politics, health, parenting, etc. to join this forum please visit the link http://beautifulpeoplemagazine.com/forum/

Beautiful People Magazine cover contest is a section for a model contest where beautiful models from around the world get to compete for who will grace the cover of this magnificent magazine, and showcase their beauty and shape to the world. They are inviting interested beautiful models to enter the contest by submitting a selfie video and completing the registration process for the contest by visiting http://beautifulpeoplemagazine.com/contest/

They also have a very rich forum where they showcase Heroes of the world who has made an impact in the life of people by their talent/ career. The position of who occupies the hero of the week is up for nomination. Anyone can nominate their hero by visiting http://beautifulpeoplemagazine.com/beautifulpeoplewelove/

Beautiful People Magazine also has a very rich collection of the most amazing products everyone desires, available for purchase by just one click away; most especially customized jerseys. Buy this product by visiting  http://beautifulpeoplemagazine.com/shop/

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