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Divorce is never black and white.  Without the willingness of both spouses to reach a peaceful resolution, it can become even more challenging.  There are many related issues that have to be worked out, especially if there are minor children involved.  Cindy Sackrin is a Hollywood, Florida divorce lawyer who has a great deal of experience helping clients get the fastest, best resolution to their divorce.  She is a board certified marital and family law specialist who is highly knowledgeable and experienced with every aspect of Florida’s divorce laws.

During her 30+ years of experience representing clients in Florida’s divorce courts, Cindy Sackrin has seen a lot of clients go through the stress and frustration of a long, drawn-out divorce.  According to Florida’s laws, couples must now go through mediation before they go to divorce court.  This gives them the opportunity to work out their differences in a way that is more amicable and best for everyone involved.

Cindy Sackrin will guide couples through mediation, using her expertise to help them negotiate and compromise about the details of their divorce.  In many instances, couples are able to partially or totally resolve their issues before the court date.  This process puts a lot less stress on the individuals.  It also gives them more control over the terms of their divorce.  Once the case goes to court, they will be stuck with the judge’s decision.  Often, there are issues that neither side will be happy about but they must live with the decision just the same. 

Divorcing couples with minor children can often reach amicable resolutions if they make the decision to put their children’s needs first.  They know more about the child’s previous lifestyle and what it will take to maintain it going forward. 

For a Hollywood, Florida divorce lawyer who will work to settle all the issues early and avoid trial, divorcing couples should contact Cindy Sackrin Law Offices.  She knows the laws and the importance of putting the children first in every divorce.  Clients can count on getting the best resolution to all of their divorce-related issues without the stress that normally goes into a divorce trial. 

About Cindy D. Sackrin

Cindy D. Sackrin is a family law specialist with more than 32 years of experience.  She offers clients in Hallandale Beach, Florida and the surrounding areas with the skills needed to resolve their legal issues.  Cindy has extensive training and personal knowledge that gives her the expertise to handle a wide range of divorce and family law issues.  She is also a Board Certified Marital and Family Law Specialist, giving her the focus she needs to handle even the most challenging and complex legal matters based in family law.  

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