Wealth strategist launches book to help women become real estate entrepreneurs

Book contains personal and business tips drawn from over ten years of her full-time experience as a real estate expert

Danielle Pierce, author, speaker, and wealth strategist of repute announced the launch of her book “Women, Wealth, and Real Estate” filled with practical business and wealth creation strategies. The book which contains 25% personal and 75% straight business tips will teach women about the pros/cons of partnering with their spouses, being a working wife and mom, and growing their business even without any support. The author will also be divulging the success of her 10+ years in real estate and how she was able to create and sustain revenue streams to manage and grow her business. More information about the book is available at www.bit.ly/wwrbookrelease.  

“As an author and wealth strategist, I am fully committed to the emancipation of women. I want to use this book to open the eyes of millions of women out there who are thinking about going into business but are too scared or worried about how they will go about it. My life is a prime example of how a woman can overcome all her struggles to build a profitable real estate business,” said Danielle Pierce, Author.

Danielle’s book is a revelation for the modern woman who wants to put her destiny into her own hands. It contains information on how to deal with personal issues like family, spouse, and raising children, which can affect a woman’s struggle to become a successful entrepreneur. Readers will also learn about her strategic approach to real estate business that has earned her a significant profit through sustainable revenue streams.

Some of the strategies she shared includes:

  • Buying properties via local tax lien auction
  • Obtaining contracts to repair and manage bank owned properties
  • Pros and cons of property flipping

“Danielle is an incredible speaker and wealth advisor. I have been following her blog and social media pages for a while now, and I think she is one of those women I have so much respect for. I have learned so much from her; which is why I know this book is going to be the best thing to happen to me in a while. Can’t wait to dig into her wealth of wisdom to start my own real estate business,” said Viola D, a fan.

The book also comes with bonuses including a quick start guide at the end of each chapter, instructions to help you start your own business in 30 days, and tips on establishing up to $250,000 business credit.

About Danielle Pierce

Danielle Pierce is an author, wealth strategist, and speaker with a passion and extensive knowledge of all things real estate. She is a full-time entrepreneur with ten years of experience, helping her target audience start and grow a successful business. She is available as a speaker for professional women conferences, youth entrepreneurship groups, and networking events.

For more information, please contact 773.349.2879, info@daniellepierce.com, or visit www.daniellepierce.com

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