Fayetteville NC Auto Insurance Agents Craig And Heather Jones Featured In Business Innovators Magazine

Local independent business owners wanting to compete with their large company competitors might want to copy the blueprint of Craig and Heather Jones, owners of Carolina Planning Insurance in Fayetteville NC.

The Joneses have developed a process of combining experience and caring with the extra time to share both with their customers. The Joneses and their staff are motivated by the role they feel local businesses play in the community and the nation.

They are regarded as advocates for small business, participating in the area’s Buy Local programs, which have been demonstrated to increase sales growth for participating communities and by being a member of supportive groups such as the local Business Builders Network.

As consumers increasingly shop in the small business community, they realize that local small businesses can provide more individual attention which leads to better service.

Some of the biggest challenges for the Joneses’ agency come from the trends set on the Internet by the larger auto insurance companies.  One of them, the proliferation of cheap online quotes, favors the big competitors because of the sheer volume and appeal to ‘price buyers’.

Yet, in a clever sort of business judo, the owners of Carolina Planning use their larger opponents’ weight and size against them.

Heather Jones says, “We caution all consumers that cheap is cheap for a reason and that low price may cover them and it may not. We stress that it costs nothing to talk to us and find out if things match up.”

Craig Jones adds, “We present prospects and customers with good, solid information that they won’t get elsewhere.  A big reason is because most businesses won’t allow the time and energy required to provide it.  We also ask pertinent questions to draw out relevant issues that others won’t address.”

Another way that Carolina Planning Insurance stands out among bigger companies is by offering other forms of insurance coverage, provided and fueled by the same mission, to help the consumer make good choices.

Staff members also reflect this priority in their individual business approach.  For instance Emma, who in addition to regular auto insurance, is the ‘go-to’ person for several other areas including commercial auto, worker compensation, general liability and more, deftly explains the different requirements for each type of insurance using limited industry jargon, much to the consumers’ benefit.

Auto insurance specialist Kolline, who is a tax preparer in her spare time, stresses the uniqueness of each client, “Insurance clients are a lot like tax clients. They hear about a friend’s refund and expect exactly the same, not taking into account the many individual variables that affect the return. So my challenge is to highlight those differences and find the right match.”

Craig and Heather Jones are proud of their award winning accomplishments. They have earned a ‘top 100’ ranking from their industry along with being featured in popular media such as Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine.

Their business reflects some of the major success elements of a small insurance agency competing against larger rivals, sharing information that will make the difference in effective coverage and caring enough to take the time to do it.

Don Matheson, President of Business Builders Network,  one of the local business groups in which Carolina Planning is a member, says this, “Craig and Heather are a valuable resource for our group.  They readily share the professional information that clients need to effect a good decision. We appreciate and highly recommend them.”

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