Children’s Ear Piercing Should be with Metal Free Earrings

Earrings are the subtle accessories that tell something about the wearer. What earrings have to say is often hidden in body metaphors. Ancient civilizations didn’t think twice about piercing a baby’s ears. It was a right and an honor to wear gold or silver in the ears. There were no restrictions on earrings, so infections were common, and at times, those infections were fatal. Health issues took a backseat to personal expressions in ancient times because earrings were the ultimate personal expression.

Baby girls wear earrings more than ever these days. Mothers worry about infections and the allergies that may develop when a baby goes through the piercing process. Most doctors say babies should be at least six months old before they have their ears pierced. Other parents wait until a child is ten before the conversation about ear piercing gets serious. The piercing process can be a little painful, but for the most part ear piercing feels like a shot to most children.

More boys are wearing earrings these days. Boy earring wearing is relatively new in the Western world, but boys have always worn earrings in other cultures. The U.S. Courts say there’s nothing wrong about boys wearing earrings. Boys who wear earrings are not gang members, and they are not gay because they wear an earring in one ear or the other. Some of the boys who wear earrings are channeling the pirates who gave the art of wearing earrings a manly appeal. Earrings are personal style statements, and pirates were famous for letting their personal style statement run free across the oceans.

The style of earrings is important. For example, Blomdahl USA has one of the most extensive collections of earrings on the Internet. Blomdahl has a selection of safe, medically approved plastic earrings that have no metal or nickel in the posts or the earrings. The Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System has been around since 2001. More than 1,000 physicians participate in the ear-piercing system. Skin friendly, Caring Earrings contain medical grade titanium. Caring Earrings give thousands of nickel-sensitive families choices when it comes to earring design. On the Blomdahl official site, there are hundreds of medically safe designs, styles, and colors to ensure anyone with metal allergies can find the perfect earrings.

The medical profession says surgical stainless-steel posts and earrings are the way to go for babies and small children. The official advice is to stay away from nickel and other alloys. Some kids are sensitive to white gold, so the Asthma and Allergy Foundation says 14K gold, platinum and titanium are best for children and adult earrings. The foundation also recommends the pediatrician’s office or the dermatologist’s office for the ear-piercing procedure. Safety protocols are important. Professionals follow the rules while other ear-piercing establishments perform the procedure and follow the money.

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