Mandaylan Production releases “The Cookie” a Children\’s Book Teaching Girls about Abstinence

August 23rd, 2017 – Most parents grapple with the idea of teaching abstinence to their daughters; they have a challenge introducing the topic and even asking them to consider giving it a go. Coming to their rescue is Mandaylan Productions. They have released its first children’s book from the script “The Cookie.” The book written by Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter is meant to help the young ladies make better options on their sexuality.

Using euphemism, Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter aims at helping the girls realize that they are more than just a piece of cookie and can make decisions which will not jeopardize their future. The book is one of a kind, the first to give parents a comfortable way to talk to their girls about abstinence and the benefits it would bring in their lives. Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter recommend this book to all parents who have young daughters aged nine and above, they call it a must read for the girls in that age bracket.

In the book the authors tell a captivating story of Lauren and Robbie, one that can help the girls who are facing challenges of peer pressure, dangerous sexual trends and experiments at very early age. The story aims at communicating, teaching and nurturing the girls into responsible adolescent. It focuses on teaching them to uphold traditional beliefs and value system that have been passed down by the older generations. It urges them to remain virgins until such a time when they can handle the consequences that come with sexual matters.

Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter are passionate about teenage and young adults program; both are actively involved in the programs aimed at teaching financial literacy, addictions, and teenage pregnancies. Manny Showalter has a degree in business. Apart from writing Manny is an entrepreneur and the owner of Mandaylan Production, a company that writes television and movie treatment for entertainment industry. Daylon Showalter is currently studying Psychology and also works as a writer and an art director.

All proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to the Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation. ( an organization that is involved in young adults programs.

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