Get Your Bank Cards ‘Picassod’

Toronto, ON – August 23rd, 2017 – Adding a little spice to everyday aspect of life is no crime. Doing something that may just spruce up your day is often recommended because of the various challenges you may face on a daily. Imagine taking out your wallet, purse or pocket book and an instant smile crosses your face, not because you’re about to spend money but because your bank cards have been jazzed up with a little personal touch.

Created by Deppak Kanda, Kunal Arneja and Nathaniel Bagnell, CUCU Covers was born out of the idea to add a personal touch to bank cards as the solutions offered by the banks were not satisfying. CUCU comes with over 300 pre-made designs created by talented illustrators from all over the world and you are also allowed to customize your own design.

The first rollout phase of the CUCU covers will be through a Kickstarter campaign open for support now at

And they are almost at 40% of their goal in less than 24 hours!

The prices will range from $5.99 for the pre-made designs and begin at $7.99 for customizable designs. Once through with Kickstarter the official base for CUCU Covers will be

You’ll be happy to know the covers are impermanent and may be removed without leaving any residue so your card is back to the way it was or so you can change the design to something new. Applying the CUCU covers to your bank card will not affect its usage as you may still swipe and insert it at any POS or ATM machines with ease.

The talented illustrators who are responsible for the pre-made designs come through the founder’s desire to bring awareness to young artists who are faced by several struggles such as being homeless. They have partnered with a local non-profit art organization to create the “SKETCH Toronto” collection where any profit made from the designs will be donated to the artists and their respective organization.

Deepak, a Co-founder, states “by providing such artists with a new platform, we will not only give them a new medium to sell their art, but also spread awareness and empower a struggling community”.  The partnership also provides the struggling artists with space and a mentorship program.

For further information contact 1-855-398-2828 and connect with CUCU Covers through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at

Visit them for an exclusive information on how-to apply your CUCU Cover and to view the pre-made designs and the process on how to customize your own.

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