Things to Keep in Mind for a First Kayak Trip

CARLSBAD, CA – Kayaking is an incredibly fun and relatively simple adventure sport for beginners. Engaging both physically and personally, kayaking can be a great experience for everyone involved. However, with any outing that involves the unpredictability of nature, it is crucial to know how to plan accordingly. Nobody wants their first kayak trip to be spoiled by a lack of preparation, and what’s more, nobody wants themselves or their friends to get hurt due to someone’s oversight. Luckily, The Sport Bro has provided their readers with a comprehensive list on how to effectively prepare for one’s first kayaking trip.

The first tip that The Sport Bro suggests is that it is important to remember to start small. It is so easy to let one’s eyes get bigger than one’s stomach when it comes to kayaking—people want to dive in head first without going through the learning process and figuring out what works for them. This method is a recipe for disaster. Before kayaking in the ocean, it is better to start in a lake or a slow-moving river, somewhere more predictable where land is easily reachable in case something happens.

Many will also rush into buying a kayak for their first trip. This is a rash decision that people often end up regretting. The Sport Bro suggests it is better to wait on a hefty purchase and rent or borrow a kayak instead. This gives people the chance to find what works for them and practice the sport before making a big investment.

It is important to remember to practice diligent water safety, and this includes wearing a life vest at all times. While life vests can be bulky and intrusive, they are sometimes the difference between life and death on the water. Regardless of how good of a swimmer someone is, it is unrealistic to think that they can rely on their swimming skills in an emergency situation. Make sure the life vest is reliable and correctly fitted, and to make changes in life vest sizing with any significant weight loss or gain.

Most importantly, one should keep a positive attitude and be open to having fun and trying new things. With helpful tips from the pros at The Sport Bro, kayaking can be a great adventure and a fantastic way to engage with people and the great outdoors.

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