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One of the fastest growing markets in today’s world is ‘Digital Marketing’. Gone are the days when we had the mindset of seeing or listening adds on TV, billboards or in Radio. With the advent of Internet technology, advertising industry has also surpassed its traditional ways. Today, digital marketing as seen as the next ‘big’ thing.

For newbie’s, Digital marketing gives more liberty to the advertisers to reach out to customers and understanding their requirements. There are various forms of Digital Marketing, some of the widely used are:

  • PPC: Pay Per Click
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM: Search Engine Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Visionweb PPC

Founded in 2005, Visionweb ppc specializes in Digital Marketing and Advertising. With an experience of more than a decade, this Los Angles based company highly efficient service in the following areas:

  • Google Adwords PPC
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Shopping Feed Management
  • Yahoo Bing Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Its suite of integrated products like PPC, SEM, National and Local SEO and social media marketing makes it one of the most innovative companies in the field of search engine marketing firms worldwide. It has a wide client base for providing world class products on Digital marketing.  In this article, we will try to explore the PPC concept of digital marketing and know the business structure and workflow of Visionweb PPC.

Understanding the Concept – PPC (Pay per Click)

Pay-per-Click is a form of Digital marketing where advertisers pay an amount, whenever there ads is clicked. In other words, instead of organic visits, it is the paid visit. Therefore, every time a visitor visits the website, payment goes to the ‘Search Engine’ by the advertiser. PPC marketing is the most widely used and preferred way of promoting a business on the Internet.

Understanding the Concept – GoogleAdwords

As the name suggests, GoogleAdwords is the advertising service owned by Google which allows showcase the search results for our websites on a search engine page. Therefore, every time some visitor initiates a new search, Google checks the list of the Adwords advertiser and pops up a list of the identified bidders. The criteria of the list depend largely upon the quality, relevance of the keywords and lastly bidding.

How Visionweb PPC works:

With its customer centric approach and excellent execution policies, Visionweb PPC manages to provide the most efficient method to manage the Adwords campaign by providing a world class customer support. Visionweb PPC has a well organised approach towards PPC Management which ensures that each single campaign which is monitored on the below parameters:

  • Analyzing the Search Terms Report
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Performance-based strategies and bid adjustments
  • A/B Split testing ad copy
  • Identifying new performing keyword opportunities
  • Other Performance analysis

Let’s dive deeper to know about the PPC management which makes Visionweb PPC one of the best brands in the business:

  • PPC Strategy: With a high qualified Team of technicians, Visionweb PPC is able to craft the perfect PPC campaign for its customers. A correct PPC campaign is very crucial for the customers for putting their products high on the search list. This milestone is achieved by working on a number of key factors like
  • relevant search of keywords
  • correct position in the industry
  • monitoring the bidders
  • full proof strategy
  • Keywords :

Having a standard process and sophisticated techniques, Visionweb PPC ensures that its customers are targeting the most precise keywords, and their time as well as money is not drained on irrelevant searches.

  • Client Strategy Update:

With research and expertise in the Digital market, Visionweb PPC manages to create the Ad extensions, which are very important for a successful PPC campaign. An ad extension acts as a powerful instrument which assists the customers to transform their adtexts and gives a chance to stand out among the competitors. In today’s campaign, if Ad extensions are not utilized in todays bid landscape, it’s a sheer loss for the customers.

  • Implementation:

Visionweb PCC is customer centric. They understand the importance of a correct strategy which is the backbone for any campaign to attain good results. The team builds up an on-going optimized which monitors the continuous changes in bid fluctuations, keyword variations and ever changing market trends.

  • Adcopy Writing:

Visionweb PCC ensures that the adverts are created and synced properly with the keywords of the ads and the ‘landing page’ of customer’s website. This is monitored by weekly check-up of the bid adjustments and continuous testing, so that the website can get the traffic.

  • Tracking:

In order to get the correct data and optimize the account, the Team analyzes all the variables properly and re-check the tracking process again. Without proper tracking, PPC campaign would not yield the desirable results.

  • PPC optimization:

Every bit of the campaign is important. By cautiously refining and monitoring the ongoing optimization, it helps the search engine to perform much better. What needs to be hanged, what keywords should be more highlighted or can be removed, all these things matters a lot.

  • Reporting:

A customer should always be informed about how the campaign is progressing or what changes have been made to make it more effective. Hence reporting plays an important role here. Visionweb PCC keeps it customers aware about the entire campaign. The customers can look at the previous reports and cross check with the current one to find out the changes, or how much the paid search is performing against the key metrics- every minute detail can be fetched from the reports.

Visionweb PPC believes in growing along with its esteemed clients. All the process, structures are well streamed and defined so that each and every campaign by Visionweb PCC becomes a success story. With all the positive reviews and feedbacks received all these years, Visionweb PPC has cemented itself as one of the pioneering companies in the world of Digital Marketing and has a long way to go.

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