Zempa Announces Cryptocurrency Universal Wallet Pool Platform

Zempa Schedules New Blockchain Pre-ICO To Launch Oct 31, 2017

Today, a new blockchain development project called Zempa, announced the scheduled launch of their Pre-ICO fundraising campaign to begin October 31st, 2017 on the WAVES Dex.

In today’s Crypto craze, there is an abundance of opportunity for investors and enthusiasts alike, most with the allure and promise of magnified returns on investment. This cryptocurrency uptrend also brings with it a greater separation between currencies and their ease of acquisition and use in transactions.

Problem: Purchasing currencies or even investing in ICO’s can be laborious and expensive. Currently, if an investor wishes to purchase a new token, they must first go to a major exchange to purchase either Bitcoin or Ethereum. (Fee 1 and Transaction Confirmation 1.) The user then has to create an account on whichever exchange allows the trading of the users desired token. The user initiates a transfer of their Bitcoin to Exchange B. (Fee 2 and Transaction Time 2). After waiting on this transfer to complete its transaction confirmation on the blockchain, the user is now able to purchase the desired currency. (Fee 3 and Transaction Confirmation 3). This entire process may take hours in what could be a timely situation, all while incurring fees.

Exchanges are notorious for being hacked and there isn’t one exchange that allows the trade of all tokens so many exchanges are needed to be used for regular trading, not to mention the multitude of wallets to store your currencies should you want to build a collection over time and keep them safe.

Solution: The Zempa Universal Wallet Pool. Our cryptocurrency pool will enable users to initiate transactions using currencies they don’t own themselves but that are contributed into the Pool by other users for rewards based on the desired currencies demand within the system. This process ultimately eliminates the need for the use of exchanges for simple transactions provided a healthy internal Pool of currencies is maintained while the sums of which are being supported by contributing users who are rewarded for their contributions in the form of Zempa.

Zempa has additional plans to build a growing network of online vendors which will accept Zempa for purchases at reduced pricing against their normal retail pricing model which will make Zempa a sought-after coupon token. The Zempa Eco-System will expand with its popularity and the use of the Universal Wallet which will yield significant traffic to vendors listed on the Zempa business directory.

The Pre-ICO phase will launch October 31st, 2017 on the WAVES DEX and will consist of a Sell Wall stocked with Zempa Coins at approx. .25 cents each and can be purchased for BTC, BCH, ETH and WAVES.

The Public ICO will be announced shortly after the completion of the Pre-ICO and all Zempa Coins will be transferred into Zempa, at an exchange rate of 1 Zempa Coin for 2 Zempa. The final version of the token, Zempa will be an ERC-20 Token built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

For more details on the Zempa project as well as links to the team, Whitepaper, and various group channels, visit http://Zempa.io

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