Rev. Raymond G. Cross Calls out Spiritual Enlightenment through Understanding God’s Words in the Holy Bible

His life before embracing God was filled with skepticism and unending search for answers that science could not completely explain.  Upon understanding and internationalizing the divine message, his life has never been the same again.

Rev. Raymond G. Cross releases Commentary on the Gospel Book of John under Toplink Publishing/Marketing Firm. He explains that the book of John is one of the easiest to read to begin to understand the Scripture.

The Bible, the truest and most reliable source of wisdom on earth, must be absorbed and comprehended to live with a purpose and direction. Rev. Cross shares his relevant insights on how he has found spiritual fortitude. He says, “The very best way to comprehend God’s words is to read the Bible book and then read many commentaries on that book, written by different men. Above all, do not read just one commentary, because the writer may be prejudiced or even wrong in his assessment of the Biblical interpretation. The more one can read of Biblical history, archaeological findings, information and commentaries, the better one can understand. This occurs because God helps us to comprehend that which He would have us understand. It is His Will that will be done. Sunday schools are a very good place for beginners.”

Rev. Cross delivers his thoughts carefully and clearly. To those who are not familiar with the Bible can benefit the most because he uses the Bible verses to answer themselves with the applying- related Scripture. He painstakingly conveys the meanings and readers can relate to his specific examples.

Rev. Cross is also the author of Scriptural Thoughts that Amazon Reviewers say, “Intellectually stimulating and Brave.” Words to Think About is a compilation of various Bible messages, using particular verses, analyzed as condensed thoughts. He also published The Apocalypse: The Unveiling, a compilation of many Biblical scholars’ thoughts regarding interpretations of some of the symbols used by God to describe His prophesies. 

His books discuss the importance of drawing spiritual enlightenment that can be ultimately achieved from the Holy Scripture.

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About the Author

Rev. Raymond G. Cross was an engineer scientist working at IBM in the 60’s and 70’s. His analytical, questioning mind did not know or understand the Biblical message until he came to the Lord in simple belief. After salvation through belief and faith, curiosity drove the challenge to study the Scripture. Reading the Bible, studying commentaries, archaeological findings and thinking about what God says gives understanding to God’s message. After very little examination, one realizes the factual absolute truth is there to be discovered and revealed with guidance from the Holy Spirit. There is no doubt, as John tells us: John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. KJV. Think about it!

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