Investor pulse poll conducted by Toshikatsu Group proves regional differences among eight US Metropolitan areas

A survey conducted by Toshikatsu Group portraying the eight US metropolitan areas shows that investors of San Francisco bay area among the eight are the most bullish whereas, the least bullish investors hails from Atlanta. 
Keeping these eight US metropolitan areas as the major focus, the survey found out that high net worth investors are broadly optimistic. Based on the key sentiment indicators, it was depicted that; The individual, local and global state economies will remain the same or will be improved at the end the year compared with 2013s first three months. 
The bullishness of the investors is at its peak when it comes to their personal financial prospects, and it portrays that the personal investment portfolios, overall financial well-being, and investment climate will be the same or will be improved at the end of the year. 
There have been some interesting regional differences developed with an additional sample of investors in Atlanta, Boston, Houston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver. 
The most Bullish:
The investors from San Francisco Bay area were considered the most bullish. It was by 56% points based on the key sentiment indicators. The next was followed by 27% points by Boston and next at 16% points by Los Angeles. 
The least Bullish:
The investors from Atlanta were considered the least bullish based on the national findings on the sentiment indicators. It was calculated at 19% points. The next was followed at -12% points by Houston and next at -11% points by Chicago.
More from the regional polls:
The Boston retirees are not pleased with their investment portfolio results with them saying that the performance is far worse. 
New York:
Based on the prospects of the national economy, the investors from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey are more bullish. 
There is no improvement in the housing sector where 34% of the investors experiencing a price hike and 31% experiencing price drop. 
Nationally, with 58% points, the Chicago investors are the most bullish. But, assumptions are being made that it will get worse at the end of the year. 
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