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“The Monkey Ares” is a very popular MMORPG mobile game among young people of China.

The most popular mobile game of this summer is “The Monkey Ares”, which attracted 2,000,000 users within two weeks after released, and it continues to grow rapidly.

“Journey to the West” is one of the Four Great Classical Novels in china. Journey to the West is also one of the most popular themes in Chinese mobile game market as well. However, as a new MMORPG mobile game, “The Monkey Ares” is very uncommon.

In the art style, “The Monkey Ares” is considered to break the routine, using “Diablo” style of European and American. The role of player is not the traditional human image, but the concept of the orcs. All the famous characters in “Journey to the West” will be shown in non-traditional modeling way. According to the introduction of the Chinese media, the art design of “The Monkey Ares” is from a large number of European and American film and television works in market.

Compared to other same MMO mobile games, it has higher precision. Therefore, from a point of vision, this game is also pretty friendly for European and American players.

In the past, “Buddha” is the protagonist in Journey to the West of China, but “demon” is defined as the protagonist in the “The Monkey Ares”. In other words, the player is playing the villain role. For this concept, it is relatively new for the local players, but the players who are not familiar with the “Journey to the West” may not feel the intense feelings.

There is no difference between Combat mode of this game and the previous MMORPG. But “The Monkey Ares” is finer because of free perspective from 360 degree, all free operation without lock. The effect of combat and the feelings of operation are more prominent.

Occupations are not many, which can be traditionally divided into the power type, agility type and spell type. But the line to develop of role is very free; skills can be matched freely; each piece of equipment wore can display different effects. The game particularly focuses on personalization, so “Dress Same“is difficult to occur. In this aspect, it is also similar to “Diablo”.

In the aspect of play, “The Monkey Ares” is similar to the mainstream MMO; both of them have a copies and arena, etc. Besides, 3V3 battles have been blended in. Krypton gold may not make players become invincible. But skills and operating proficiency also has a great influence, which is fairer.

Based on the theme of Journey to the West, “The Monkey Ares” seems like to pay a tribute to “Diablo” and pays more attention to sense of picture, effect of combat and degree of freedom, which make it more like to step on an international road.

Currently the area of North America is lack of such kind of game, just like “The Monkey Ares”. If there will be an English version in the future, we recommend MMO enthusiasts to have a try. Then they can experience the merger of Eastern cultures and Western cultures.

All in all, “The Monkey Ares” really stands out from other MMORPG mobile games. So, let’s look forward to its officially release in North America.

Japanese idol drama:”Tokyo idol plan” turned “traditional idol” into “fighting nation”

Idol culture is very popular in Japanese mobile game market, including many games which have had high popularity, like “Idol master”, “Love Live!” etc. SQUARE ENIX has recently launched one called “Project Tokyo Dolls”. Just look at the poster, certainly there are many players will misunderstand it as an ordinary audio game. In fact, this is a RPG game with “idol girls + music + action”.

Japanese game products have always focused on the world view. The story for the opening is ups and downs, the first seconds in a live concert and after a second day of the end of the world. The woman was attacked by the monster. Before the death of the male, she was installed on the “heart”. Then she became into a doll and set foot on the road to save the world by singing songs.

Combat system of “Tokyo Idol Plan” is relatively new, which is similar to the action of fighting. But the play is QTE + turn-based and the operation has a certain degree of difficulty which needs for players having a certain ability to respond. But the game is also equipped with a semi-automatic combat function, which is very considerate. Each team can be grouped with three members at most, two are responsible for fighting, and one is responsible for support. There are three kinds of game weapons: sword, hammer, gun, which are respectively corresponded to different QTE play.

Roles’ enhancement, synthesis and breakthrough, etc are similar to mainstream games. But it is worth mentioning that the role of each game has a corresponding “girls dormitory. After enhancing the role of the emotional level, the relevant story of the role could be liberated.

In general, the “Tokyo Idol Plan” is a collection of idols, foster, fighting and other elements, which is a work partial to male. But the fun of the fighting system and the lovely people will also attract part of the female players. The plot is very attractive; the phone would to shock with climax part. Compared to the mainstream Japanese idol mobile game, there are some innovations.

Korea “Majestia”: A High strategy work of Com2uS

“Majestia” is a strategy game of chess which has strong play-ability and tests players in the logic and judgment desperately. This game accommodates all mythological role all over the world, historical heroes, and even the modern well-known role of all the game. Fortunately, the wonderful match adds more wonderful colors to the game plot.

With the style of low-rise and more deformation of the shape, “Majestia” models roles and battlefield. Each hero was shaped with great tension. Also matched with bright colors and special effects, the game is very delicate as a whole.

The definition of “war chess game” is not repeated here. In classic war game, the map is relatively open and broad; most of the conditions of victory are “wiped out the enemy.” And “Majestia” has three kinds of victory conditions: first, wipe out the enemy; second, direct occupation of the enemy base camp; third, to score more to win. In this way, there is a qualitative difference, also to make tactical choice more diversified. Because the player can choose not to confront with the opponent, but have more chance to win by using tactics.

“Majestia” is more like a traditional chess. The arms of the game are divided into three categories: archers, cavalry and gunmen. At the same time, the three forces can be strengthen by matched the hero (capacity activation). The game’s operational and strategic have been greatly enhanced.

Overall, the “Majestia” is a game which asks for great tactical strategy. You need to consider the benefits of each step because of limited space of the disk. Every step may bring a turnaround or crisis. Cooperation of arms and heroes timely and tactical conversion is also a great fun of the game. The beautiful picture is pleasant to the eyes. It is worth a shot if players like the strategy.

The new mobile game of decryption series – “fatal frame 2” has been appreciated by xiaodaoxiufu

In 2014, independent studio Loveshack of Australia launched a puzzle game: Framed “Deadly Frame”. The unique jigsaw puzzle game and wonderful film clip creation of this work won the “Best Design Award, Drama Award, Innovation Award” and other 25 honors, and having received high evaluation of Hideo Kojima.

Developers officially announced the sequel of the game – “Deadly Framework 2” on June 14, 2017 on the line.

In the rules of the game and the basic play, “Fatal Frame 2” has continued to all the classic design. The game is still using the jigsaw puzzle play. There are 1 to 2 fixed scenes in each level and a number of mobile puzzle scenes can be moved in the middle.

The difficulty of decryption game asked by player is endless, so this time the developer upgraded difficulty for one grade as a whole. From the earlier stage to the late stage, the complexity of the game is far ahead of the former.

Almost half of the scene also contains two protagonist’s action. Their different characteristics will also have an impact on the decryption process. For example, the man can pull some of the heavier valve switch and the heroine can lightly walk through some of the more fragile surface.

The painting style of “Deadly Frame 2” stays the same as the former, with black silhouette of the characters and also joined a large number of oriental elements, revealing the mystery everywhere. The whole game is without any word, but the scene characterization and character dynamics can still be rendered of the rhythm of the work and melodious jazz, like the 007 spy war movie style of the sixties and seventies of. That is so fascinating.

It is highly recommended that players can open music while you are playing game. Without music, it will just like steak without sauce. That will be always monotonous.

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