High Heel Insert Co. Expands Line to Save Women from High Heel Hell

Heelho LLC launches a full high heel insert using their patent pending technology

Austin, TX – Heelho LLC sold its first full insert on their website (06/05/2017) to a woman in California.  The success of Heelho’s flagship ball of foot cushion created the demand for the same technology in a full insert.  With about seven thousand customers since their launch on February 2015 the high heel insert market has met up with a sassy brand that is claiming to deliver women from high heel hell using patent pending technology.

Unlike other products, Heelho has a unique indention at the 2nd/3rd metatarsal heads of the ball of foot area.  This is where most women feel the brunt of the body weight pressure when they wear high heels.  If the Heelho insert is placed correctly so that the 2nd/3rd metatarsal heads fall into this depression, the pressure here is offloaded and shared with the rest of the ball of foot relieving the pain so that high heels are more tolerable for prolonged periods of wear.

“They say that necessity is the mother of all invention.  When my own high heels became intolerable, I wasn’t about to give them up.  After trying every insert on the market without success, I decided to try to solve the problem using wound care techniques that I learned from my nursing home administrator days (long ago).   If a patient had a bed sore, we put a pad with an indention and placed the bed sore in the indented area of the pad.  The indented area protected the sore spot so it could heal while the rest of the pad around it redistributed the body weight.  Thus, Heelho was born.  Now we are expanding our line and this is super exciting,” states Tina Goodman, original inventor and founder of Heelho LLC.

With 72% of women wearing high heels, according to the Spine Health Institute, and the vast majority of those women acknowledging some amount of pain associated with wearing them, the high heel insert market is strong and ready for the taking.  Dr. Scholl’s, Foot Petals, and many other insole companies have products for high heels that primarily pad the area.  Heelho is counting on their metatarsal depression to take a “dent” in this large market share. 

The full insert was launched to meet the demand for women wearing high heeled boots or closed toe shoes.    This product has arch support, gripping properties, and they apply the off-loading pressure indentions at the ball of foot and the heel area, which intensifies the comfort.  Heelho has plans for treating sesamoid problems and coming out with a product for plus size women and athletes as well.  Their goal is to make High Heel Hell a thing of the past and help women all over the world be comfortable wearing their beloved high heels.

Heelho has already helped many to be able to tolerate high heels that otherwise could not do so. One Amazon customer said “These insoles saved my feet! I have nerve damage on the ball of my right foot from wearing ill fitting heels and I was limited to so many shoes. But these insoles legit changed everything. I’m able to wear my 4 inch pumps with no pain.”

About Heelho

Heelho LLC is a high heel insert company located in Austin, Texas. Heelho provides inserts designed for the most common type of high heel pain women experience (2nd-3rd metatarsal pain). By implementing an indention around the second and third metatarsals, the ball of foot pads and full inserts of Heelho redistribute pressure caused by wearing high heels more evenly on a wider surface area. Heelho is family owned and operated and based in Austin, Texas.

For more information visit www.heelho.com.

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