Real Mums of Dubai Offers Help to Expat Mothers

Special Support Group Gives Guidance to Alienated Mothers

Real Mums of Dubai continues to skyrocket in requests for membership.  The group offer support expat mothers who live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  With over 1000 pending memberships, the group announced they are sifting through the applications as quickly as possible in order to provide assistance to all who qualify.

“We are thrilled that so many exiled mothers are seeking support from our group,” stated a Real Mums of Dubai spokesperson.  “We have experienced a recent outpouring of requests for memberships and we are working to get as many as possible approved as quickly as possible.”

Real Mums of Dubai has a number of support services to offer expat mothers.  First and foremost, they provide a convenient, joyous and fun social space where members can share their experiences, opinions and thoughts with one another.  The environment is a small and laid back village atmosphere where the mothers can relax from the fast-pace of city life and unwind.

One huge feature of the group is that it is a safe place to air grievances, let out frustrations and vent feelings.  In addition, new mums are free to glean from the advice of more experienced mums. 

Other perks of Real Mums of Dubai are the many year-round activities they offer, discounts available for members, and exclusive members-only invitations to various events. 

Memberships to Real Mums of Dubai are contingent upon several qualifications.  The women must be mothers and must also reside within the United Arab Emirates.  All applications are subject to approval from the administration.

The Real Mums of Dubai group began as a Facebook group that offered guidance and support to disenfranchised mums in the UAE.  The concept took off and developed even further.

With the concept of “It takes a village”, members of the close-knit group thrived within the safety net provided by the group and the deep bonding that took place amongst the members.  Daily struggles of mums who were living far from family and friends developed support networks that gave them the strength to carry on and the inspiration to move forward in their lives.  It was upon those concepts that the virtual village was built, a mecca for the mothers who were once lost, lonely and afraid.

The Real Mums of Dubai website is packed with real-life stories of the experiences of mothers within the group.  The purpose of sharing the stories is in keeping with the overall purpose of the group… unity and support.  Raising healthy, well-rounded children who are happy and secure is one of the main purposes of the unit.

To read the stories of expat mothers or to apply for membership, visit the Real Mums of Dubai website.

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