Robert Antonellis, Engineer, Author and Investigative Researcher – Issues Ominous Warning of “Horned Beast Attack” on 9/11/17

After amassing and mining the largest 9/11 database in the world, Antonellis has revealed dangerous occult activities in Greater Boston.

Boston, Massachusetts – August 25, 2017 – Americans will be surprised to learn of an extensive history of 9/11 attacks on America throughout its existence, but shocked that the 9/11 Blood Trail leads to well-known organizations. Robert Antonellis, Engineer, Author and Investigative Researcher, found, while researching his latest blockbuster book, “Fortress Harvard – ThinkTank For Royal Revenge“. the British established an occult network in Greater Boston to secretly wage war on America Independence, ever since.

Antonellis and his team have used AI, artificial intelligence, to create the EnigmaToo Tool which created and mined the world’s largest database of 9/11 historical facts to prove a consistent, pre-meditated and predictable pattern of destruction. Then, following the guidance of Sherlock Holmes, he ruled out the impossible and reveals the occult and deep state connections as the only remaining possibility.

Robert Antonellis has laid out the evidence pictographically in his book, “Fortress Harvard – ThinkTank For Royal Revenge” after Divine Providence placed him on a software engineering contract at the center of what he describes as the “Invisible Garden of Satan.” There, he photographed the work of “Devil’s Architects” who created a perfectly inverted Garden of Eden, replete with the Serpent as its master.

The conglomeration of secret societies, described collectively by David Icke as the Babylonian Brotherhood, build their “Monuments to Murder” to be everlasting. Antonellis found such monuments, even celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, “hidden in plain view.” In Section 1 of his book, “Prelude to America,” it is revealed in the decades before the Pilgrims even left England for America, secret societies there were already envisioning the power of an “invisible college” to project influence, but from behind the curtain.

Antonellis’ EnigmaToo Tool does not reveal who will carry out the attack, nor where, nor how it will take place. Just when: between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM EST on 9/11/2017.

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Be sure to visit his “STOP911” YouTube Channel for a taste of his groundbreaking research.

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