Dr. Nick Berry Launches Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign For Essential Oil Wizardry Ashland Extraction Facility Project

Dr. Nick Berry announced fundraiser on Indiegogo for Essential Oil Wizardry Ashland Extraction Facility project.

Dr. Nick Berry, a botanical lover and his team have started a campaign on Indiegogo for their ambitious Essential Oil Wizardry, Ashland Extraction Facility project. The aim of the team is to resource pure essential oils and CO2 extracts from all over the world.

“It is a long-standing dream to create a five-acre utopia in Ashland that will include medicinal plant gardens, extraction facility and retreats,” says Dr. Nick Berry, licensed pharmacist and founder of Essential Oil Wizardry about his dream project. “We want to cultivate medicinal plant gardens using permaculture principles. The funds from the campaign will be utilized for creating a state-of-the-art plant processing facility and for hosting ground-breaking botanical retreats.”

Dr. Nick Berry will be collaborating with local organic farmers for developing and creating revolutionary extract products that are botanical-based. The team will depend on native plants and non-toxic solvents like water, alcohol and CO2 for the purpose. The project will help and encourage farmers to produce innovative products in the community.

Dr. Berry, with his many years of experience in the field of pharmacy, has been able to uncover a dynamic path that has helped him discover the origins of medicine, thanks to his immense knowledge about plants. He is convinced that innovative botanical lifestyle solutions can be created by harnessing connection with the earth, and with local communities.

Essential Oil Wizardry is a small company at present but it has immense potential for the future. With the help of their Indiegogo campaign, it is all set to establish a solid presence in Ashland, Oregon by creating a sophisticated extraction facility that makes use of steam distillation, CO2 extraction and artisan co-solvent extraction processes.

The company has been gradually establishing their presence as an essential oil supply resource and product formulator. They are committed to providing premium quality botanical extracts while ensuring that the community is educated and empowered simultaneously.

Dr. Nick Berry is convinced that science, technology and the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors can be combined to promote vitality and to create economic opportunities for all cultures. This can also be a great unifier of people of diverse cultures. It can also bring various nations together. Currently, Dr. Nick gets his extracts from around 20 suppliers but that number will grow as his team puts in more time and effort in the project.

According to Dr. Nick Berry, the Essential Oil Wizardry products are truly unique as they create high potency artisan crafted essential oil products by making use of scientific rationale, intuition and alchemy. This can help develop artistic formulas that are not only safe but can also deliver high value lifestyle solutions. Every product is 100% validated and guaranteed for quality by Dr. Nick himself.

About Essential Oil Wizardry Ashland Extraction Facility:

Essential Oil Wizardry Ashland Extraction Facility is the dream project of Dr. Nick Berry, a licensed pharmacist and a nature lover. The project aims to raise fund for cultivating medicinal plant gardens using permaculture principles and for creating a state-of-the-art plant processing facility that can host transformational botanical retreats. The fundraiser on Indiegogo has a flexible goal of 150,000. Contributors to the campaign can expect a slew of incentives based on their level of support.

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