Never be confused about which movie to watch next, with the new Whatmovie app

Whatmovie is the newly launched movie recommendation app that helps the user in choosing the movie they should watch based on their preferences. The specially designed recommendation system based on an artificial intelligence algorithm takes into account the watched movies by the user and the ranking to suggest the most relevant movies. Not only that, this app also allows the user to build their to-watch list and know more about their favorite movies.

Whatmovie app contains a database of more than 350,000 movies where the users can search, rate and review the movies they like. The users can use this app to discover their favorite movies, see the movie details, trailers, and photos. With this new app, the users won’t have to be confused about watching which movie next as they can simply open this app and click on Recommendation button.

The basic features of the app can be used without a Whatmovie account, but by signing up the user can access advanced features of the app too. The app has received good response from the users so far on Google Play. “People this app is NOT for watching movies! It’s a movie information and recommendation app and it’s very informative. It’s a great app and useful if you want to know more about actors and actresses also more about movies I’d recommend downloading it”, says one user on Google Play Store.

Watching a great movie can be a great source of entertainment but sometimes the user chooses a bad movie, they end up wasting their time which is when this app comes into light. Although the user can always search on the internet about a movie, it generally provides vague results and not based on the preferences of the user, however, Whatmovie app ensures that the user can choose their favorite movie to watch and enjoy.

The app features a user-friendly interface with an option of recommendations through which they can see the suggested movies specially curated from the database. On the search option, they can type any movie name and the app will display all the details about the movie such as year of release, genre, actors, ratings etc. so that the user can make a decision whether to watch it or not. The app enables the user to set a watch list of the movies and the watched movies list as well. Under my preferences section, they can set their preferences as per which the app will display the movies.

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

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