Leading US Tarps Supplier Stockpiled For Texas Hurricane

AUSTIN, TEXAS – 25 Aug, 2017 – Owner Michael Stein of Leading US tarps supplier Tarps Plus has been planning for a Texas Hurricane for over 8 years.  Originally from California, Stein decided to move his tarp company to the gulf region to supply the high demand for hurricane tarps in the area. 

He moved the company from Palmdale California to Georgetown Texas, just outside of Austin.  A massive facility was built and dozens of shipping containers were staged outside the warehouse in the wake of a hurricane.  With the exception of a few close calls, the Continental United States has not seen a significant hurricane hit landfall in over 10 years until this week. 

Hurricane Harvey has hit the Texas Gulf and Tarps Plus has now been working around the clock to fulfill orders for thousands of tarps for the region.  “This was our vision years ago; to be the nation’s premiere source of tarps and strategically positioned to get them to people in need fast.”

Tarps Plus will be operating 24 hours a day fulfilling orders for the natural disaster.

For more information call: 1-800-838-3057

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