Followone, E-commerce, Networking and Growth Service, Announces Support for 28 World Languages

Bellevue, WA – Online e-commerce portal Followone has announced that its growth and networking service now supports 28 languages. The portal has been translated in all popular European, Asian and other world languages to cater to emerging business opportunities.

Followone, the global online marketplace and social network, is the latest tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to get the maximum done from a single place. This makes it essential for the service to support as many languages as it can, and this is precisely what it has done. Followone now supports 28 languages, which include French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, German and Polish, as well as Egypt Arablc, Filipino, Russian and Chinese.

“Our language support expansion will allow virtually anyone in the world to visit and access our services. The aim is to offer support to 84 world languages,” said Sorina Gheorghita of Followone.

Followone was launched as an avenue that offers a unique blend of e-commerce and business growth, with the added reach of social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Craigslist. It makes it a one-of-its-kind online store, content marketing platform and service provider. The store allows products to be sold by third parties, who can also share their vision and make connections. Users can thus post listings, use the buy and sell pages, become an affiliate, and also blog, share photos and videos, and announce events.

A unique blend of e-commerce and business growth, Followone is thus the only service of its kind where both buyers and sellers can promote and grow their businesses with social networking, showcase their products, write blogs and collaborate.

“By joining Followone, job seekers and businesses gain visibility, develops a stronger rapport with their connections, showcase products to audience and prospects into customers,” says Sorina Gheorghita.

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