Blockchain Starting the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Russian Blockchain Team Mondo Entering into China and Developing at Top Speed

The concept of “industry 4.0” had received extensive attention as early as 2014 at Hannover Messe in Germany. The responsible person of the Messe Jochen Köckler believed that the comprehensive integration of manufacturing would have a strong impact on the global industry in the next 10 to 15 years, and the fourth industrial revolution had come. We will have most advanced network and spatial distribution system, perfect communication technology and simple and safe internet payment system in this age. The Blockchain technology represented by “Bitcoin” will become the mainstream technology of the fourth industrial revolution.

Internet+ has swept the whole world in 2017, and all walks of life have undergone tremendous changes under the influence of internet. The Blockchain that people talk about at present is similar to the internet in the early 1990s that almost no one might have realized its enormous and far-reaching influence on the world. Facts speaking louder than words, however, the Blockchain is starting a prairie fire as a single spark. A man named Nakamoto released a research report in 2008 in which he described one of his conceptions that electronic currency could be created by means of encryption (using Blockchain technology) to realize the freedom of payment and transfer of value. It has been nearly ten years up to now, when Blockchain has been in the teeth of the storm of the fourth industrial revolution. Blockchain has become one of the main forces that drive the technical change in the future.

The first Bitcoin was created early in 2009, the market value of which has exceeded 40 billion US dollars in 2017. Few of people know its core technology, but the Bitcoin network has been changing our world in the past 9 years. The talents who have created Bitcoin have established the Bitcoin network by using mathematics, cryptography and systematic design. These network talents have a deep insight into the imperfection of global economic and financial system in the contemporary era. They have no longer believed in the current monetary system, completely overturned the traditional payment pattern, and will certainly accomplish great deeds in the future internet market.

China as the world’s second largest economy has a huge consumer market, with the ideological progress of Chinese and improvement of economic level in recent years. At the same time, the rise of nation-wide entrepreneurship drives the Chinese government to pay high attention to the development of internet economy and vigorously promote the development of Blockchain. The same thing has happened in Russia, where the Russian Central Bank always actively explores the application potentiality of Blockchain technology, implements slack policy on digital currency, and takes a clearer and more open attitude to support the development of Blockchain technology. The European Union has claimed that non-interventionism will be adopted for the Blockchain technology with close attention. The developed countries such as Japan, Singapore and South Korea encourage people to explore the Blockchain technology, establish pilot financial services of Blockchain widely, and compete for Asia Fintech Center. The one who masters the core technology of Blockchain will have more initiatives in the future internet market.

Recently, the Russian elite team of Blockchain Mondo officially entered the Chinese market and received extensive attention in the industry. This action is of great significance and conducive to the development of Blockchain technology in China and the development of Blockchain market in the whole world.

Mondo, the core team mastering cutting-edge Blockchain technology in Russia, has initiated the concept of Smart ID that the users can complete the authentication process by means of not leaking users’ private key. AuthServer can’t obtain the information of users’ private key in the entire Smart ID process, but it can accurately obtain the users’ address to get their nickname information through the NameService of Mondo and thus complete the entire authentication process. The promotion of Smart ID concept is convenient and efficient of important significance especially in the internet era of fast transaction, with high security and stability. In addition, Mondo team has also provided the global NameService, where Mondo lab will establish Auction Smart Contract in the Mondo system to put up Name for auction, fair and transparent.

With human civilization developing continuously, the study of science and technology and the pursuit and sharing of knowledge never stop. We have experienced traditional times in the past when steam engine evolved into internal combustion engine and the aerospace industry had also been developed in addition to the automotive industry. Today, Blockchain as the representative technology of the fourth industrial revolution will also certainly promote the completion of revolutionary commercial payment experience in the internet era of human history. Mondo hopes to use the self-iteration of calculator algorithm to complete the self-renewal and self-adaption of artificial intelligence in the near future, providing a foundation for the aerospace technology and artificial intelligence technology of space exploration.

The peace-loving, industrious and brave Chinese people will also follow the vision of times, seize the opportunity to get involved actively, draw on advantages and avoid disadvantages with strong awareness of risk prevention, and take the challenges bravely.

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