Fresh Thirst For Adventure Feeds Demand For Life Insurance

An increased interest in adventure holidays and exciting activities could be boosting the need and demand for life insurance says Life insurance ensures that people protect the interests of their loved ones and can provide financial support after they are gone.

In 2015, Pyramid Travel Products found that adventure travel popularity had increased by 65 percent in four years. British travelers, in particular, are keen to explore exciting activities such as canoeing, white water rafting, mountain biking and jet skiing. All of these activities have inherent dangers that many travelers will be aware of. As such, it would make sense to protect the future of their family before they risked their lives. Interestingly, research shows that these activities are not being completed once but annually, as part of a regular holiday experience, increasing the danger.

Similarly, many so called dream destinations are not as safe as holiday goers think. In Hawaii the rate of drowning is 5.7 percent per 1 million visitors. This is 13 times higher than the national average in the USA. It would make sense for holiday goers to ensure that they are protected with life insurance where chances of tragedy are far too common.

Furthermore according to, destinations like Belize have hidden dangers. Here, it is not safe to drive at night and in one week there were allegedly ten murders. These factors could mean that a life insurance policy would be a comfort for many travelers.

It is clear then that the demand for more exciting holidays and experiences is on the rise. However, many of these activities and locations have shocking fatality statistics. Between six and ten people every year die participating in white water rafting. As such, it is possible that the danger of these holidays that people can’t seem to resist is causing the life insurance market to flourish like never before. People want to know that if tragedy does strike, their family will be taken care of.


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