Atlanta Maid Services Launch Country Club Cleaning Campaign

Atlanta Eco Cleaners, a top house cleaning company and maid service in Atlanta are launching a new campaign to serve the ultra high-end clients in North Atlanta

Atlanta Eco Cleaners consistently attract high-end clients, from movie and sports stars in the Atlanta area to tv and film producers and CEO’s of large companies.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners has been in business in the Atlanta metro area for the last five years and have positioned themselves as the go to house cleaning and maid service for the affluent client.

Amanda Howe, owner of Atlanta Eco Cleaners said, “Right from the start we positioned ourselves as a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning company and that has naturally attracted a lot of high-end clients.”

Owners of high-end homes tend to want their homes cleaned without the toxic chemicals. Not only are they dangerous to the inhabitants, especially the young and old, but the chemical cleaners some Atlanta cleaning companies use are dangerous to the fine surfaces and can cause thousands of dollars in damages.

Even though they may have house managers and nannies for their children they still need a quality maid service to take care of all the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens that need to be cleaned in a safe and effective manner.

“It is important that you are aware of what potential damage can be done by using the wrong chemical cleaner on the wrong surface. That is why we have non-toxic solutions that are completely safe for all surfaces. I hear horror stories all the time from other cleaning companies who have made errors in judgment and it has cost them or the home owners thousands in repair costs.”

It hasn’t been Atlanta Eco Cleaners goal to focus on the high-end homes in Atlanta, but there seems to be a great demand for quality cleaners in big homes which is not being met.

Howe says, “We have been called in to clean in many of the country clubs in and around Atlanta, such as Country Club of the South, The Manor, St. Ives, Sugarloaf Country Club, St. Marlo and the River Club. Many of the homeowners stated they have hired and fired many different cleaning companies and are really looking for maid service that can meet their needs. We are now making an effort to target those same neighborhoods with our marketing. It has actually been pretty easy to get and keep business in these types of homes as there are not too many cleaning companies in the Atlanta area that offer the quality non-toxic solution we do at Atlanta Eco Cleaners.”

Atlanta Eco Cleaners serves homes from Downtown Atlanta north to John’s Creek, Milton, Alpharetta, and Suwanee. To contact Amanda, call (404) 793-7550 or visit their site at:

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