New Book Recognizing Women Who Have A Seat At The Table Coming Soon From Innovators Publishing & Media

An important new book is on the horizon called “Women At The Table, Innovators, Influencers, and Impact Makers Featuring Phenomenal Women from Around the World.” Innovators Publishing & Media uses the unique approach of incorporating socially responsible themes into all of their books.

Innovators Publishing and Media has just announced their new collaborative book, “Women At The Table, Innovators, Influencers, and Impact Makers Featuring Phenomenal Women from Around the World.”  The book aims to recognize the achievements and roles of leading women from various industries and reveal their strategy for getting a seat at the table in their industry. The book will feature women with influence, credibility, and power in their career or business and those who have impacted the course of an enterprise’s success.

According to Lisa C. Williams, President of Innovators Publishing & Media, the publishing house aims to help non-profits, bring exposure to contributors and provide valuable information to specific audiences through various books that will be published under their new book series “A Message in A Bottle.” 

The “A Message in A Bottle” book series is being compared to the highly popular and immensely successful “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. Each book in the series will be filled with stories from successful leaders, business owners, and professionals.  “Women At The Table, Innovators, Influencers, and Impact Makers” will be the first book published in the business category.  Their unique publishing approach weaves social responsibility in their book projects for greater reach and impact and according to Williams, benefits all that are involved.

“Women At The Table, Innovators, Influencers, and Impact Makers” will highlight female founders, executives, CEOs, non-profit board members, entrepreneurs and leaders who are running companies, changing cultures, and growing revenues in both career and business.

Women in power is a theme that is getting more and more attention. Recently, former first lady Michelle Obama spoke to a group in Silicon Valley and urged her audience to make room for women and people of color in the technology industry. She ended her speech with these words, “Are you ready? Are you really ready to have women at the table? Then make room.”

“Every day there are more and more women breaking through the glass ceiling in their industries despite the resistance many experience,” Williams said. “From business owners to the CEOs overseeing multi-million dollar firms, these women are changing the landscape for women to come and have gotten a seat at tables we previously weren’t allowed to sit at.”

The book will be written in a conversational tone. Each contributor will be interviewed and their stories will be shared. The individual names of the women highlighted in this first book have not been released, but Williams expects to make that important announcement in September 2017.

Williams added, “With women-owned businesses being the fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs right now, and with the growing number of female executives in many top industries, there is an awareness and momentum for women right now and we felt that it is a great time to bring exposure to these well deserving pioneers who are impacting industries, achieving success and making economies stronger.”

Williams was inspired by Shirley Chisholm’s quote`If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.’ 

Williams and Innovators Publishing & Media has also pledged 100 percent of the retail royalties to be donated to a soon to be announced charity.  The women selected for the project will also be asked to contribute, give back and spread the word about this socially responsible project.

Future books on the horizon for “Women at the Table” will include:  Millennials at the Table, Latina Women at the Table, Black Women at the Table and more.

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About Women at the Table Books

“Women at the Table” books will have multiple-volumes that will profile one woman at a time in each chapter. The books will feature female business owners, executives, Millennials, CEO’s, leaders and entrepreneurs who were unapologetic as they pursued their dreams, broke norms and shook up traditions. These women have learned how to navigate the deep waters of business, corporate and entrepreneurship impacting the way we do business today—those who have a seat at the table in their industries. 

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Innovators Publishing & Media is a boutique agency that publishes collaborative books featuring entrepreneurs, professionals, and their expertise.  The agency brings exposure to a nonprofit and the contributors while incorporating social responsibility for greater reach and impact.

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