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August 28th, 2017 The thirst for education is getting richer as time goes by, more and more individuals and families are on the road to seeking a better life for themselves through education. Often, this thirst takes you out of your comfort zone; it removes you from home and drops you in a foreign land. Though seemingly terrifying with good research and help through the proper channels the task may be less daunting. In the country of Canada, that is fast developing and is very open to all people coming to aid in that development, it is highly recommended as your option to pursue additional educational opportunities and freedom. 

The field is open to any student at any level of their educational career. Whether they are starting high school, pursuing their undergrad degrees or post-grad degrees there is an option that will match your field of study. To further assist you, the Canadian Educational Opportunities Corporation (CEOC) is the one-stop organization in your pursuit for a top quality western education. 

Notably, the growth doesn’t stop at your educational pursuit but there is also the opportunity of matriculating into being a citizen of Canada. After two or more years of study in Canada, it automatically makes you eligible for a work visa, after working for a year or two you are eligible for permanent residence and just after 3 years you are eligible for full citizenship. Compared to matriculation into other educational systems or societies. For example, in the United States of America, the average immigrant may take at least 5-7 years to get a green card (permanent residency) and up to 12 years to receive full citizenship. Tuition fees in the US are considerably higher than those in Canada where the dollar value is 30% less so the general cost of living is lower.

The CEOC in its bid to assist individuals with matriculating to Canada through their school system is organizing a tour titled “Canada Educational Tour for School & College leaders. Anyone from students, parents, teachers and more are welcomed to share in this wonderful experience. The Tour will be for 7 days starting November 1, 2017 and ending on November &, 2017. The tour will consist of visits to high schools and colleges giving a glimpse into campus life in Canada, showcasing of the various course offerings, detailed breakdown of the accommodation and tuition fees structure for schools, interaction with stakeholders & government officials, classroom observation, networking with Canadian professionals and of course a bit of sight-seeing to experience the varying cultures that make up Canada. 

For further details on how to register you may contact Dr. K. Indira, Director, India Operations at info@ceoc.ca or telephone +91 9030471582 (India) or 416-524-7743 (Canada). Assistance may be given to organize accommodation and travel needs during the tour visit.

Visit http://www.canadianeducationalopportunities.ca/home.html for any updates and information about the CEOC and how you may start your educational matriculation today.

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