Local Professionals Develop a Program To Help Parents and Kids Get School-Ready

Experienced educational administrators and therapist launch new workshop designed to help parents prepare children for success in school

August is here, and families are once again getting ready for a new school year. For many parents and kids, it’s business as usual as they adjust to the schedule of waking early, completing daily homework, and re-engaging in extracurricular activities.


For some parents and kids, however, this adjustment can be a source of anxiety. Parents are perplexed by today’s complex school environments, despite their strong and genuine desire to ensure positive experiences at school.

That’s where a new venture called Childbuilding can help.

Created by a team of experts in children’s education, Childbuilding helps parents understand and master the nuances of raising a child who can succeed in school — academically, socially, and emotionally.

Co-founder Peter Braverman is the principal at Arc Development, which provides professional services to teachers, administrators, and parents. Braverman spent 20 years as a school administrator, with a specific interest in helping parents understand the school lives of their children, and dozens of programs developed to do so.

“Those of us who know schools have a lot of knowledge that never really gets transferred to parents,” Braverman said. “When parents understand school better they understand their kids better.”

Braverman has teamed up with Denise Gershowitz, former head of Concord Hill School in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and Daniel Abzug, a licensed clinical social worker and family therapist in Silver Spring, Maryland, who specializes in child and adolescent development.

Gershowitz is well known in the Washington area; she brings a rich background of experience as a talented administrator and specialist in early childhood education. Abzug brings a comprehensive clinical perspective on the ins and outs of children and adolescents in school. All three expect that their workshop will change the experiences of parents and students throughout their school years.

The approach at Childbuilding involves all parents in active workshops that build understanding of the ways children behave in school, and the ways parents can work effectively with teachers and administrators. The team understands that both schools and parents must play careful roles in helping children reach milestones and engage in age-appropriate behaviors that benefit their education and overall well-being.

“It was our goal from the beginning that Childbuilding workshops would be a first of their kind, where a wide-ranging group of professionals come together to provide content that doesn’t merely duplicate other parenting programs. We want parents to understand school better, and how their children’s school lives affect their healthy development,” said Abzug.

“Our workshops are designed to help parents do that by normalizing the experiences of school, and making learning easier for everyone involved.”

The first series of workshops begins October 17, 2017, hosted at Concord Hill School in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The group welcomes parents of children from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, as well as teachers and administrators.

Registrations are currently being accepted and spaces are limited. Learn more about the program, the founders, and registration at www.childbuilding.com.

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