Mike Stanley Announced Fundraiser On Indiegogo For Project Transit X – Flying Solar Pods

Mike Stanley announced Indiegogo fundraiser campaign for project Transit X – Flying Solar Pods.

Founder and CEO, Mike Stanley has announced that he and his team have launched an Indiegogo fundraiser campaign for their ambitious project Transit X – Flying Solar Pods. It is an automated pod network that can replace cars, buses, trains and trucks with features like convenience, capacity and cost effectiveness.

“We are delighted to announce that our Project Transit X is off the ground and can soon become a reality if our Indiegogo funding goals are realized,” says founder and CEO of Transit X Mike Stanley. “We have partnered with Altran, a leading global engineering firm that has validated the technical feasibility of the project. Transit X is designed to provide nonstop, 24/7, wait-free, resilient; all-weather service that is quiet, safe, and can seamlessly fit within cities, beside highways, and along rail corridors.”

Mike Stanley is committed to resolve the current transportation problems that commuters face across the US. The commutes are not only time-consuming and extremely stressful, they are also costly to run and maintain. The vehicles that run on the US roads and highways are known for polluting the air heavily and also emit dangerous greenhouse gases. Millions of accidents and thousands of deaths are caused by the inefficient and risky commuting system every year.

Transit X Pods can address each of these problems effectively. Each pod can carry a single passenger or up to a family of five. They cruise quietly above traffic under a narrow track. Passengers can enter their destinations using their smart phones or from a kiosk before boarding. Pods can be boarded at designated stops that are similar to taxi or bus stops. The pod takes off and cruises nonstop until landing at the destination.

Transit X is a highly advanced and fully-automated transportation network with high-capacity interchanges and stops that provide fast and wait-free travel. What makes this project interesting and efficient is that one single track has the same capacity as that of a 12-lane highway. Installation can be done fast and with minimum disruption of existing systems. Also, it has a lower visual impact than vehicles and roadways. Transit X is designed for both passengers and freight.

According to Mike Stanley, Transit X is a privately funded and operated mobility service that can be used by municipalities and organizations without getting into the hassles of public funding or raising capital budgets. Transit X can serve the needs of large cities as well as that of low density suburbs.

The low cost, mass transportation option can easily replace cars, buses, trains, trucks and even short distance flights as the travel method of choice. The first demonstration of this revolutionary idea is scheduled to be held in Boston, Massachusetts in 2018. The Indiegogo project has a flexible goal of $100,000 to be achieved in a month’s time from now.

About Transit X Project:

Transit X is a groundbreaking idea involving flying solar pods. The transportation network is cost-effective, convenient to use and can supplant cars, buses, trains and trucks. It is a green travel option for both passengers and freight and can emerge as a highly advanced, fully automated, mass transit system. The company is aiming to raise $100,000 through Indiegogo campaign for the project.

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