Creative Biolabs Upgrades Its Single Domain Antibody Production Service

Last Thursday, Creative Biolabs released its updated single domain antibody production service based on years of experience in antibody research and practical operation.

Creative Biolabs is a leader in the field of single domain antibody. Based on its well-known phage display technology, its scientists are specialized in the production and discovery of specific single domain antibodies.

As single domain antibodies were first engineered from the VHH domain of heavy-chain antibody identified in camelids, they are sometimes referred to as camelid antibodies. Single-domain camelids antibodies have been shown to be just as specific as a regular antibody, and in some cases they are more robust. Moreover, they can be easily isolated using the same phage panning procedure used for traditional antibodies, allowing them to be cultured in vitro in large concentrations.

Single domain antibodies can recognize novel epitopes that regular size antibodies cannot. They have outstanding penetrability which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. They also have great potential in downstream engineering and can be expressed in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems.

“According to client’s demands, we can immunize camel, llama, alpaca or even shark as repertoire source to develop single domain antibodies against interested targets. Our advanced technology allows various targets to be employed in immunization, including large protein molecules, membrane proteins, haptens and other challenging targets”, said Dr. Monika Müller, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs.

Creative Biolabs can also screen its pre-made HuSdL® Human Single Domain Antibody Library to isolate high-potency camelized human single domain antibodies. Besides, it can also provides a series of sdAb related services to support scientists’ research, including Single Domain Antibody Library Construction and Screening, Intrabody Discovery, Anti-membrane Protein sdAb Production, De Novo sdAb Sequencing, Antibody Camelization, etc.

About Creative Biolabs

As a trusted provider of the most cost-effective outsourcing solutions, Creative Biolabs has been working for a large number of satisfied clients from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as government and academic research laboratories all over the world.

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