Freego CEO Kevin Chu Launches Campaign On Indiegogo For E-Bike Project

Entrepreneur and CEO of Freego, Kevin Chu starts fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for Freego, the world’s most creative folding e-bike.

Kevin Chu, founder and CEO of Freego, has announced launch of Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for project. It is touted as the most creative folding e-bike designed for use by people of all age groups. Named the EM-14S, the bike can fulfill the need for people to reach their destinations fast and safely.

“Our goal at Freego is to create a cleaner world and we are aiming to achieve our objective by building green energy transporters,” says Kevin Chu about the project. “We have worked hard and spent endless hours trying to get the design right for a transport system that’s light and small and can be carried around anywhere. The EM-14S is the result of the relentless efforts of our team.”

The Freego team is committed to creating personal vehicles that are light, reliable and fun to handle and ride. The EM-14S is also called the Creative Folding Bike as it is a fine example of what simple, practical designs can achieve.

Kevin Chu is from Shenzhen, the city that’s driven by technology and innovation. The city has a fast-paced lifestyle and traveling around is a major problem. The e-bike has been designed specifically to deal with this problem. The EM-14S can take people around short distances quickly and comfortably. It stands apart from other e-bikes on account of its size. The compact Aluminum frame is sturdy and makes it easy for the rider to carry the e-bike anywhere they want with ease.

The folding e-bike offers a pleasant cruising experience. Riders can hit a top speed of 15 miles per hour to reach their destination fast. The lightweight and portable e-bike weighs 12 kg only and has a span of one meter. Other unique features of the e-bike include the USB port that allows easy charging of electronic devices on the go. There are front and back lights that allow users to ride in absolute comfort and confidence even when they are on roads or places with poor lighting conditions.

While the acceptance for the model has been impressive so far, the makers are looking at ways to improve the e-bike continuously. They take feedback from users seriously and have added some new colors and additional features based on user suggestions. The whole idea is to make the bike more creative and user-friendly.

Kevin Chu says that the fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo has been launched to help raise capital for mass production of the new EM-14S models for the public. The goal is to raise $10,000 and there is still some time left for the campaign to come to a close.

The new model will have battery of a higher capacity, allowing users to go twice the distance with a single charge.

About Freego EM-14S:

Freego EM-14S is one of the most creative e-bikes. It is lightweight and foldable too. The e-bike has been designed to allow people travel or crowded roads with ease. The e-bike is sturdy yet lightweight and comes with a range of highly valuable features.

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