29 August, 2017 – Civil Service Training Institute of Maldives recently held an inspiring talk on Tuesday August 8th, 2017. The title of the lecture was ‘Secrets to Unlocking Your Deepest Passion: How to Build Your Life around Your Passion and Find Joy, Love and Fulfillment in Whatever You Do’ andDr. Tan Kwan Hong was invited to deliver the public lecture on the topic. The motivational gathering was held at the auditorium of the Faculty of Education, at The Maldives National University and was attended by many professionals.

Dr. Tan Kwan Hong and Mr. Muhammed Ali answering questions from the audience.

“Happiness in one’s career can lead to greater personal, organizational and national productivity and I am grateful to the participants for being such an interactive audience.” said Dr. Tan Kwan Hong while talking to the gathering in the discussion. “The average person spends 80,000 hours in their lifetime on their careers, and that is why individuals should learn the skills and acquire knowledge that guide them toward making good decisions on career fulfillment and happiness.” He added. This was the third public lecture series organized by the Civil Service Commission in 2017, where prominent speakers were invited to deliver lectures to the country.

In addition, 150 government officials and members of the public attended the workshop. Participants include high profile government officials, such as the President of the Civil Service Commission, Directors and Deputy Directors of ministries, Director Generals, Secretariats, Chief Administrators, and other prominent members of the public. In addition to his motivational lecture, Dr. Tan also shared research reports detailing the limited extent that money and wealth can lead to happiness, and elaborated on specific case studies that wealthy countries are not necessarily happy countries.

“The delivery of the session of Dr. Tan was very good and overall, it was an excellent event.” said Mohamed Rasheed, The Regional Health Administrator at the Mulee Regional Hospital in Maldives in his testimonial after the Programme. “The tips he gave for career development and motivation were amazing and we are truly inspired.” He added. Several key participants left phenomenal testimonials regarding the event and the audience was truly inspired.

A full house auditorium with participants enjoying the workshop.

Besides Dr. Tan, the second invited speaker for the lecture was Mr. Muhammed Anwar Ali, who gave useful tips on how to stay positive and happy in one’s career. These tips include knowing one’s goals in life, defining your dream job, working with a coach, asking for help, taking pride in one’s work, and surrounding oneself with positive people. Mr. Muhammed Anwar Ali is a lecturer and an elite executive career coach from Singapore, whereas Dr. Tan Kwan Hong is an international speaker who has delivered talks to more than 156,000 people, from over 410 organizations in 9 countries. He has trained government officials in Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Maldives, and has given talks in China, the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, and Nepal.

Group photo with prominent members of the Maldives Civil Service, including the President of the Civil Service Commission of Maldives standing between Dr. Tan and Mr. Muhammed Ali.

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