Sports Medica’s magnificent multi-use pillow now available on Amazon

29 August, 2017 – There is nothing more satisfying for a customer than when his/her favorite product is brought closer and within easy reach. That is why Sports Medica has decided to sell its multi-use pillow through the biggest online retailer in the world: Amazon. By doing this, they have made it easier and more trustworthy for customers to purchase their products all over the world.

Sports Medica has released their first two products on both and Their products are a:

  1. Multi-use memory foam pillow;
  2. Additional pillow case for the memory foam pillow.

Sports Medica identified that Amazon’s global reach and projected growth will give them the scope to access as many potential consumers as possible. Their product was initially developed as a pillow for pregnant women to help relieve the pain associated with sciatica. However, through vigorous testing and focus groups, this pillow has evolved into a multi-purpose device. 

Sports Medica created a custom mold that allows the biconcave pillow to open and fit under one’s knees. This can improve lymphatic drainage and reduce low back pain. This pillow has been developed with high-density memory foam to reduce compression under the pressure and heat of an individual’s legs.

Many customers and testers of the product advise that it can take a few weeks to experience the full benefits of using the pillow and that there may be some discomfort while soft tissues reset into a more neutral position.

This pillow has received over 75 5-star reviews across Amazon platforms in its first few months of trading, highlighting the quality of their memory foam pillow.

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