Lord Avatar II, known as Ashley Ellison is the leader of the Solaran faith. Lord Avatar II who is a religious leader with over two thousand people is an independent artist who creates music, literature and games.

Joining the movement in 2007, Ashley Ellison became the Lord Avatar II in the year 2009. The month of March 2010, was a starting point in the writing era of the Lord Avatar II, who was able to create a religious book for the faith and its members.

Solaranism is a new religious movement which started after a visit from other beings from a different universe. The beings are called Avatars. The faith Solara started after an experience in the wilderness of Macclesfield forest. The Avatars which visited from a different universe, provided the knowledge of the new religion.

Solaranism beliefs in the power of the goddess Solara, and the goddess who resides in a different universe, would one day receive her worshippers, who would ascend to her realm, receiving power gained from the efforts made in this realm.

Lord Avatar II was also able to delve into music, with the creation of a music that is suitable for the faith. The music which became popular among fans of Indie music, was able to generate a combined fan base of 20,000 in the year 2015.

The year 2017, witnessed the release of a new Indie album, the album has garnered much acclaim together with a podcast show, which has been making appearances in other stations and sites.

The year 2015 also witnessed the release of four games, and Lord Avatar II became a cosplay model, creating a cosplay magazine that is filled with each of his shoots.

Lord Avatar II also found love for fictional writing, and created two books on fiction. The support for his religious belief has inspired the several artistic works of Lord Avatar II.

Lord Avatar II who is very creative and artistic, is also engaged to a singer, and song writer known as Maria Edison.

The music of Lord Avatar II can be accessed from his website; which is

Media Contact
Company Name: Yahmos Productions
Contact Person: Ashley Ellison
Phone: +44 779 032 2973
Country: United Kingdom