A spiritually uplifting material entrenches its place in the market

August 29, 2017 – The need for man to find answers to the issues to the troubles of the mind has been an age-long dilemma. Few materials are able to address these nagging questions in a simple but efficient manner. An IT professional who has served years at the City University of New York, Wyne Ince, has authored a topical compendium. This material which is in furtherance of a divine injunction he got from God which is ‘’START TO WRITE’’ has birthed two unique volumes. In a very systematic pattern that embodies the true character of an educator, the author outlines the answers to the fundamental questions that lie in the hearts of men.

With each point that is presented in the work, he looks at the genesis of man’s challenges. He draws attention to humanity’s innate and desperate push to connect with their creator. The work is lavishly filled with quotations from the Bible which the author believes is the only antidote to all of man’s problems. In a sense, the volumes have a philosophical outlook which makes it a good read for anyone. It begins by looking at the core issues that confront humanity. The work continues to spread its tentacles to ancient and contemporary solutions which have failed to satisfy the longing of man. It pushes the frontiers and enters to new depthsas it points out the heart of God for humanity. Each of these thoughts is backed by biblical references.

There is no way you will not feel the touch of mastery in his judicious use of imagery and storytelling. Each of these tools is used to entrench the lessons that cannot be missed all through the work. He takes things to a new level when he points the way to live a fulfilling life even in the hereafter. All the values postulated in the pages of this book align with the social, philosophical and economic truths that we know. The only difference is that it goes further to quench the longing of everyone’s soul in finding the meaning of life and providing a solution to our existential dilemma. The book points to a Savior and depicts His love and care for humanity.

THOUGHTS OF LIFE AND TIME Volume I and II come in 320 pages and 310 pages respectively. Each of these volumes points to the unmistakable truth that there is hope for humanity when we truly connect with God. The book is available inhardcopy, but you can also get it on Apple iBooks, Kobo, Amazon or the Nook E-reader on Barnes and Nobles. The Word of God as presented in this inspirational guide can lift any soul to sublime heights.

You can find more details about this work at www.thoughtsoflifeandtime.com

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