Online Store Department Express is Leading The Way In High Quality Manufacturing At The Lowest Prices

Department Express is one of those places online where customers can find almost any product they are looking for in the comfort of their own home. Whether it be women’s dresses, men’s blazers, bomber jackets to the newest gadgets and electronics, they have it! BUT that is not the impressive part. What is impressive is that the products Department Express sells actually equals that or beats the quality of big brand names. Even more impressive is that their prices are usually 1/3 of the competitions! When browsing the site you immediately find bluetooth smartwatches for $25, chiffon blouses for $7, gaming controllers for $5, wireless headphones for $20 and the list goes on! Again the inventory range here is amazing, due to the fact that you can find everyday products such as tablet laptops, cell phone cases, a baby onesie as well as more obscure items, such as cosplay outfits, camping supplies, dakimakura body pillows and even a kimono! E-commerce stores are known for selling products at far cheaper prices than physical stores, but this type of pricing is rarely seen, especially with the quality offered. Department Express has definitively taken the lead on low cost online shopping and when speaking to CEO Shawn Walia, he says his goal is to keep striving to offer even lower costs to customers. According to Mr. Walia at a time of such economic unrest, people need to be paying as little as possible for the products they need, and businesses should be working to help people in these times rather than price gouge.

Department Express also saves its customers a great deal of time otherwise spent researching and shopping at numerous online stores when they can find everything in one place. Also their shipping costs are extremely low, due to the fact they actually pay half the shipping cost, which really is unheard of. The site itself is a clutter free, yet amazingly vast store that gently guides buyers into browsing products they wish to buy. The interface is clean, user friendly, and well organized, and the products are mixed between everyday items as well as the more specific and hard to find ones. Women love the store as they can find such apparel as sexy kimono robes, curve fitting bralettes, denim overalls, and party ready white and black dresses. While men are happy they can find tools such as air impact guns, camping supplies as well as a large selection of men’s fashions. In fact the store offers products from all popular categories such as electronics, health and wellness, toys, jewelry, fashion, camping, make up, skin care, baby clothing and much more. Kids will even go crazy with their great selection of toys and fidget spinners.

“At Department Express our sacred message is to save you, the consumers, your hard earned money. Why pay double even triple the price for equal quality? We have managed to bring you the same products as the other guys, but for a small fraction of the price, the way it should be!” says Shawn Walia, CEO of Department Express.

Although Department Express Headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California for their US offices, and Toronto, Ontario for their Canadian offices, their products are sourced from fair trade factories located in developing economies across the world. The store promotes safety and well paying jobs and regularly makes contributions to the World Wildlife Fund as well as other charitable organizations.

Department Express also runs its own online magazine called ‘Department Express Magazine’, where buyers can quickly browse tips and tricks related to technology, health, beauty, fashion and more. The website is protected by a secured   encryption making for extremely safe payments and supports Paypal, the worlds safest online payment method, making it convenient for buyers across the world to buy high class products conveniently and at the lowest prices.

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