Airwheel R3 Intelligent Assist Electric Bike Offers You a Full and Varied Riding Experience

Nowadays, the masses prefer an easy and convenient riding experience, free from congested traffic and crowded people. Recently, the new-published Airwheel R3 citizen e-bike has become a focus on the transport market.

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People’s needs have been developing towards higher and deeper level. The so-called higher is the spiritual needs of the field higher and higher, the so-called deeper is the demand is more and more detailed. People also have higher demand when it comes to travel. Airwheel is famous for fashionable appearance as well as powerful bicycling function, the new launched R3 city electric bike in particular.


How could Airwheel R3 electric moped bike offer full and varied riding performance? It fully integrates electric power device, transmission device and electric brake device into the wheel hub. Meanwhile, the equipped lithium-ion battery is ready to offer power for R3 anytime and anywhere. In order to enrich the riding experience, it designs three riding modes, which are exercising mode, electric assist mode and manual-electric mode. People can select one according to the practical travel circumstance. The rich riding modes pave the way for interesting riding experience and powerful applications. People will feel ease if they own an Airwheel R3.

Airwheel R3 portable electric bike

If people choose the man-powered mode, it means that people need to ride Airwheel R3 by physical strength. This kind of riding mode, actually, is a way of exercising. Its 14inch tires with special tread to enjoy good grip ability enables it to have more brilliant road adaptability. People who aim at body-building can choose such a mode. On the opposite of exercising mode, it is electric assist mode. Under this mode, the power of R3 electric folding bike completely comes from lithium-ion battery, which is energy-saving and fast.

Speaking of power-assisted mode, people can choose power according to different gears:

Besides varied riding experience, Airwheel R3 portable electric bike also has some humanized designs. The built-in USB connector supplies power for cell phones and tablets, which paves the way for people to keep in touch with the outside world all the time. The exclusively-designed App can check the faults before riding and adjust the gear in the hand easily. Based on the above description, R3 is capable of providing riders with full and varied experience.

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