Expert Answers to Sports Medica’s Premium Pricing

29 August, 2017 – It is a common economic theory that higher prices lead to lower demand. However, Sports Medica seems to be defying this theory with their premium prices and large sales volume within their first few months. So, the question on everybody’s mind is: “How are they doing it?” The answer to that has been given by experts in a detailed analysis below.

Sports Medica has clearly found a gap in the market and has created a product which addresses the flaws in their competitors’ products. They have added a leg strap to ensure the pillow stays in place all night, and have included subtle luxuries such as an inner pillow cover to prevent memory foam exposure. The little details do not stop there.

The Sports Medica product design team have improved the ergonomics of the pillow by adding a full-length zipper to the underside of the pillow making the pillowcase easier to change. Their thoughtful designs and quality control measures have proved popular with consumers, giving them an average rating of 4.8 stars across Amazon marketplaces.

One may also ask ‘Why are the experts getting so excited about this pillow?” This is because it is a versatile tool that improves sleep quality. Mechanical repositioning and pressure relief improves blood flow, reduces swelling, and reduces pain depending on how it is used. Mr. Valsamis, graduate from Cambridge University and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, has personally tested the pillow, describing it as “absolutely fantastic.”

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