The Book “Weight Loss on Autopilot” Released on Amazon

How to Lose Extra Weight and Keep it off

29 August, 2017 – Erik Kopp has announced the release of his book “Weight Loss on Autopilot”. The book which is presently on sale on reveals the simple and practical ways of eating as it includes all the necessary food groups and foods which are enjoyable to eat. This book will help people to learn better habits for eating which helps them to lose weight and keep it off automatically.

Some people are able to stay slim because their habits are automatic and they do not have to deprive themselves, getting to this point will enable every individual to manage weight effortlessly without even thinking about it or trying. Although, it is generally believed that waistline get bigger as people get older, but there are so many people in parts of the world who do not have bigger waistline as they get older. These people adopt an automatic weight control plan that will provide them lasting benefits in the long term, through a simple step-by-step change.

In a statement by the Author, Eric Kopp, “A big piece of having good habits is following a good diet. A lot has been written lately about the Mediterranean diet. This is a very practical way of eating because it includes all the necessary food groups and foods which are enjoyable to eat. There are no crazy diets that deprive you of any food groups, no pills to take, no marathons to run, and no special foods to buy which you cannot find in your local grocery store. Following these good habits will enable you to be healthier as well as manage your weight easily”.

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A reader, Brittany, acknowledged that “Weight Loss on Autopilot” is a practical easy tips for lifestyle changes “Kopp makes an excellent case for creating a weight loss plan that you can ACTUALLY STICK TO. His premise is that a “weight loss plan” must not be something special; it must be a total change; not something to stick to, something to do as a lifestyle. Consulting experts and relying on long-term observation, he breaks down all of his points into easy, practical points: using better sweeteners, watching what you drink, switching to real whole grains, etc. tips that are rather easy, seemingly simple, but all together have a prolonged, effective impact. Excellent read.” She stated.

“Weight Loss on Autopilot” answers the commonly asked question “What is this “secret” that makes it possible to stay slim when so many of us are struggling so hard to get to and maintain a healthy weight”? It affirms that following a weight control plan that works for everyone and that becomes just part of what they do as the only way to have a lasting long term results for weight loss,; no need to make a special effort to do it or spend a lot of time thinking and stressing about it. This works at any age, as the author has proven that older people can manage their weight to be the same as it was when they were in high school.

Erik Kopp is an author and engineer who (between balancing a family and full time job) enjoys researching and writing about how to do things in simple terms that make sense and provide value to his customers, so they can get the most out of their valuable time. 

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