WebWorkFast.com Among New Class of Web Design Companies Run By Marketers, Not Designers

WebWorkFast.com, a web development service in New York, stands out with its focus on building websites and marketing campaigns that produce measurable results for their clients.

“Fast. Easy. Surprisingly affordable.” That’s the mantra of WebWorkFast.com, part of a new breed of web design companies that are led, not by technicians and coders, but by marketing experts.

“WebWorkFast fills a need for businesses that want measurable marketing results,” explains Ralph Brogden, a marketing strategist and media consultant who acquired the service in 2011. “We realized that our clients don’t just want a good-looking website. They want leads, sales, and customers. With the right marketing strategy they can have all those things.”

Brogden, who used to work for a high-end digital agency in New York, says a lot of web development work is overpriced, takes too long to produce, and doesn’t deliver results. “Nothing is more frustrating than a beautifully-designed website that doesn’t sell,” Brogden says. “We build websites that create marketing momentum for our clients. We like to keep it simple and get it done fast.”

According to Brogden, a typical client is a business, professional practice, or consultant who wants to attract, persuade, and convert more prospects into customers or clients. “In the early days, your website was little more than an online brochure – you just stuck it up on the Web and forgot about it,” Brogden says. “Today, your website is the living, breathing center of your brand and the primary asset you have to build relationships and grow your organization. If you go about it the right way, your website can pay for itself many times over in new business.”

Brogden says there is an over-emphasis on web design by most agencies. “Design is important. Visitors do appreciate a nice-looking website. But what they care most about is a solution to their problem, and if your website doesn’t do that then it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks.”

This changing reality of online marketing is one reason why Dr. Emory Petrack, a pediatric emergency medicine expert, hired Brogden to create a marketing strategy and build three websites for him. “The designs have been excellent, but I have been most impressed with Ralph’s marketing creativity and his ongoing commitment to meeting our needs as our business changes,” Dr. Petrack said. “He frequently has great suggestions for design improvements and product marketing strategies that I hadn’t thought of. I recommend Ralph without hesitation to anyone who is just getting started, or already has an established, robust website.”

WebWorkFast distinguishes itself in other ways, too. “We’ve tried to alleviate some typical frustrations people experience when working with web designers or agencies,” Brogden said. “Most of the time we’re coming behind someone else and cleaning up poor, incomplete work. Or, we’re simply doing a better job of listening and communicating with a client. Or, we’re looking at websites that don’t make sense from a marketing standpoint and making changes to improve conversions.”

This results-oriented model fits in with Brogden’s core philosophy. “We’re business people first, technicians second,” he says. “People can really see and appreciate that difference, and it changes the entire nature of the relationship. We’re advocates for the success of our clients.”

With Brogden at the helm, WebWorkFast now provides additional services over and beyond what the typical web designer provides. In addition to web design and hosting services, Brogden and his team offer online marketing, advertising, branding, copywriting, media consulting, press releases, SEO, social media marketing, and web video. “When we build or re-design a website, our heads are already in the business anyway,” Brogden says. “We might as well create the lead generation devices, marketing collateral, and media buzz that our clients want. It saves them time and money to have one source handling it all for them.”

Brogden also offers a “Free Brainstorming Session” to identify problem areas on a company’s website and discover opportunities for improvement.

To learn more, and to review recent work and testimonials, visit WebWorkFast.com

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