Introducing the first crowd-sourcing app to get anything for a dollar

Has anyone ever wondered what the world would be like if anything could be obtained for $1? Well, of course, who hasn’t? The good news is it is not a dream anymore! The biggest game changer, a tastily designed mobile application, a lifestyle system is here for everyone for both Android and iOS. It is a never-seen, never-tried, although a well-known concept – a luxury, everyday products and brands-backed crowdfunding platform, from now on called CROWDSHOPPING app with built-in automatic charity function. Finally, the ideal win-win-win situation that the world has never seen but always wanted.

Simpler than one might think

Allyos is the most user friendly platform right now, proven and tested. To use it, all needed is “in”. That’s one tap on the screen on a smartphone. It can’t be any easier. Anything a user can see and likes, just one tap on the screen and here goes nothing – $1 has just been added from the integrated wallet to the set target price. The funded rate is displayed; for a user or for everyone else who wants this item there is a certain time-limit to fund the product price. No overfunding is allowed. If the target price is fulfilled in time, one funder will be raffled. Any losers? Nooo. Everyone else gets a discount voucher this way his/her money back. If the item is not funded in time? Of course, in this case the item is not sold, target is not fullfilled, so everyone gets the money back.

Allyos is excited to grow and open the 3rd stage and go to the best crowdfunding platform: Indiegogo on which more users, more crowd can join. This is the power of crowdfunding.

35.500 new users are going to get access through Indiegogo. Thanks to the crowd, that will allow any user to get a nice home, high end luxury car, and literally everything you can think of for $1. Exciting features will be available exclusively on Indiegogo, the first backers are going to get all the benefits and limited offers. They can be checked out on their website, social pages or watch their tutorial videos on YouTube. Sign up for pre-orders can be done there so this way noone will miss out the third stage and the can stay tuned for more info on this highly interesting innovation. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Allyos Ltd.
Contact Person: John
Phone: +44 20 8122 4427
Country: United Kingdom