Golf Enthusiast Paul McEldon Announces Kickstarter Campaign For ClubFace-Golf Project

Passionate golfer, Paul McEldon takes the Kickstarter route to fund project ClubFace-Golf.

Paul McEldon, a man who has a huge passion for golf and is also a great communicator, has announced that he is launching a funding campaign on Kickstarter for his dream project, ClubFace-Golf. It is an ambitious golf social network that aims to bring together 60 million golfers and 32,000 golf clubs from across the globe.

“The idea of starting a social network for golf came from my own experience as I could not find anyone to join me when I was keen to play,” says Paul McEldon, on how it all started. “ClubFace-Golf is the perfect platform for connecting with fellow members of your club. It also helps in creating a wider network of playing partners and more golfing opportunities.”

ClubFace-Golf offers an excellent opportunity to improve the social structure of members within the club but the biggest benefit is definitely the vastly improved network of players and opportunities. There are many other exciting benefits as well.

The play request feature can be used by golfers to request for invites to play at golf clubs all over the world. This has two-fold benefits as it can create enhanced playing opportunities for the golfer and increases revenue for clubs.

Golf clubs registered with ClubFace-Golf can bid for business that they never knew existed. It has the potential to revolutionize the golf day business while strengthening the negotiating position of any golf day organizer.

Golfers can find golf club open days online when clubs announce them. They can even find open days by entering club name of their preferred geographical location.  The site allows individuals and clubs to post interesting pictures and videos about important events and happenings. Push notifications is another major benefit of registering with ClubFace-Golf, especially for golf clubs. They can message their members, playing guests or both. The messages are delivered in the form of push notifications. There is a provision for sending instant chat messages to individuals and groups too.

ClubFace-Golf believes in viability of vertical social media that are designed to target specific interest groups. A template is already available for use in other verticals but they are currently focusing on the golf market where 60 million people are already playing the game globally.

According to Paul McEldon, the website is already complete and only the ongoing development works is being done. The next step is to go online and take it to the targeted audience.

ClubFace-Global already an impressive 30,000+ social media followers, and there are more golf clubs and individuals signing up daily. Paul is convinced that the desired momentum has been achieved. They have also launched the website on both iOS and Android mobile phones.

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise $100,000. The deadline for the campaign is 7 September, 2017.

About ClubFace-Global:

ClubFace-Global is an initiative by golf enthusiast, Paul McEldon to create a golf social network that will connect 60 Million golfers and 32,000 Golf Clubs from all over the world and allow them to communicate with each other seamlessly. The global communication platform can deliver major benefits to individuals as well as golf clubs.

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