Popular Children’s Writer Mckell Rodney Publishes New Work, ‘Trillions from Slavery. Yet you Still Hate Me’

Brooklyn, NY – Mckell Rodney, popular author of children’s stories, has re-published his heart hitting poem, ‘Trillions from slavery. Yet you still hate me’ as part of his four novel series, ‘Hip Hop Adventure Story’. Inspired by a dream, the poem is a scathing attack on racism with the weapons of poetry and art work in the form of hand drawn illustrations.

‘Trillions from slavery. Yet you still hate me’ is inspired by a dream that Mckell Rodney had about Martin Luther king Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. This dream, in which they looked worried, was followed by another a year later, in which three girls presented themselves to the author and took him to a place to dig up dirt. Much later, the author recognized the girls when he chanced upon the picture of the three of the four girls from Birmingham Alabama 16 St. Church Bombing.

“I really would like to use the book to combat racism with poetry and art. So hopefully one day, with understanding and respect toward each other we could change the world,” says Rodney.

Rodney began to write immediately, and the result was the poem, which is now accompanied by hand drawn pictures colored by the author. On receiving encouragement from his friends, the poem has now been published.

The ‘Hip Hop Adventure Story’ series is a noteworthy collection of four books: “Smally Clawly and the crab connection”, “Willy B lost at sea”, “Zula the brave and colorful Zeba” and “Who’s the stars true love?” All title are available from Barnes & Nobles.

“I began writing books to help. I would like to one day turn them all into a movie. I wrote them to inspire and motivate the reader,” says Rodney.

As a fan of history and specially the Renaissance era, Rodney’s art follows expressionism as well as abstract art. As a self-taught artist, he has learnt different ways to use the concepts of waves and cells, and his work contains hidden messages for the viewers to discover and decode. As a published author of nine books in the last five years and father of a four year old girl, Rodney has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and social sciences from Briarcliffe College. He also worked for the board of education and leake & watts as a juvenile justice counselor for inner city youth.

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