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CAR-T cell in vitro activity assay:

The CAR-T cell in vitro assay of immune cells is mainly designed based on the proliferation activity, killing activity and other characteristics of immune cells. Immune cell function tests specifically include: 1. lymphocyte function tests (T cell proliferation tests, T cell secretory function assays, T cell-mediated cytotoxicity assays and in vivo tests); B cell proliferation test, hemolysis plaque test, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and in vivo test; NK cell activity detection methods: enzyme release, radionuclide release, chemiluminescence, flow cytometry and so on. 2. phagocytosis function test, phagocytosis test and bactericidal function test.

The anti-tumor activity evaluations of recombinant CAR-T in vitro are as follows:

The CAR-T cells and tumor-targeted cells are co-cultured, and CAR-T cell validation aims to detect the lysis ability of CAR cells against target cells.

CAR-T cell in vivo activity assay:

The tumor model is established according to the need of experiment, and the tumor-bearing animal models are divided into groups respectively with different treatment. In the experimental, it tracks the body weight in mice and tumor volume, and genetic engineering T cells are injected into tumor-bearing animals at different time and with different numbers of cells. After that, tumor volume and weight are detected, and tumor is validated with pathological examination and analysis. We can use PCR and flow cytometry technologies to detect the in vivo cells, analyzing the proliferation and persistence of CAR-T cells in vivo dynamically. This model is used to screen anti-tumor drugs. Tumor animal models are typically mice or rats with congenital thymic defects, and these models are useful in the study of cancer diseases and cancer.

The anti-tumor activity evaluations of recombinant CAR-T in vivo are as follows:

Construct targeting tumor cells expressing luciferase, then use those cells to construct a mouse xenograft model. CAR-T cells are infused into caudal vein. And next is continuous monitoring of tumor volume reduction and cytokines expression level in peripheral blood with cytokine release test.

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