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30 August, 2017 – There are billions of people inhabiting the earth, and chances are that every individual is related to one or many other persons he/she meets and passes by every once in a while without knowing the connection. That is why it is very important to know how to create a personalized family tree in order to really know who we are related to. That is why Paul offers one of the unique courses in Genealogy and creating a family tree.

In Genalogy4u’s free minicourse, subscribers will learn: where to get information about hard-to-find relatives (its amazing at how easy it is to accomplish this once you discover where exactly to look), the importance of understanding the basic principles of genealogy, tips for overcoming the learning curve associated with creating a family tree for the first time, how to get to the roots of every family tree even if its never been done before, a step-by-step guide to conducting serious genealogical research, all about the process of organizing raw data for creating a family tree, the step-by-step process for taking full advantage of the various tools that are available to genealogists today, how to conduct genealogical research anytime it is needed for the comfort of the home ( the Internet has made researching family history so much easier), find out how to tap into the full power of the Internet, and many more.

A testimony from one of the beneficiaries of this wonderful course says “After years of wondering who comprises my family tree and hoping to find answers somewhere, I finally came across Paul´s website and learned the key principles to research and discover accurate genealogical information. Before approaching Paul´s exceptional process and insight via ‘’, I had no previous knowledge or experience in assembling genealogical research and creating my own family tree. I have now been exposed to a whole new world of family facts that shed light on who I am, who my ancestors were, and the origins of my heritage. This opportunity has opened my eyes, changed my perspective, and inspired a new grasp on my family history”.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about genealogy and creating family trees, or signup for his ten-part Genealogy family tree email course below, where subscribers receive one lesson per day in their email box.

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Paul has been helping people recreate their family trees for more than ten years. In that time, he has gained a huge amount of knowledge about genealogy and creating family trees from scratch. As a genealogy expert, it is his goal to help others who want to create their own complete family tree for the first time, so he will like to share his knowledge with everyone free of charge.

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