Robert J. O’Keefe Earns Auspicious Feedbacks from Critics on Nonfiction Book

Gain meaningful insights on the philosophically-fueled discussion with opposing views

One of the most debatable and provoking topics: the law of evolution or creation.  Which validates the rationality, autonomy, value, and meaning that everyone attributes to their existence?

Robert J. O’Keefe presents a comprehensive and insightful investigation of the evolution-creation controversy that recognizes its ideological undercurrents in his book, Gaining the High Ground Over Evolutionism, published by iUniverse. O’Keefe summarizes science as a means of gaining knowledge and discusses the scientific method as it is applied to natural history. He posits that the very mental activity of rationally inferring conclusions from consideration of evidence is ‘supernatural’ and that scientific reasoning and its faith in the rationality of nature are really enfolded into a coherency that remains, even today, underappreciated in Western thought.

The toughest book critic, Kirkus Reviews, points out O’ Keefe’s proficiency in tackling a theme that may be grueling for average readers, “While O’Keefe delves into some complex subject matter, his writing remains crisp and mercifully free of academic jargon. Moreover, he maintains an impressive composure wading into waters too typically stirred by emotion and ideology. The perspectiveO’Keefe provides on biblical interpretations alone makes the book worthwhile. This is a balanced, accessible, and rigorous introduction to an important topic.”

The author manifests his comprehension of the subject matter. The US Review of Books remarks, “O’Keefe writes in an admirably astute manner, clearly having constructed his thesis with care after diligent research. He provides copious footnotes and manages to make this complex subject matter accessible to serious readers. The issues he examines are significant and bear sincere consideration—consideration to which he has quietly but firmly opened the door with this thought-provoking study.” Pacific Book Review states, “the work is a well- referenced scholarly approach to an important debate. It will awaken your internal debate in your own mind, as many of us have had in the past, providing an entertaining read while enjoying the entertainment of logic and clarity of O’Keefe’s thoughts.”

Gaining the High Ground Over Evolutionism offers a scholarly read that stirs inquirers to explore, dig deeper, seek the truth, and gain a higher ground of reason and realization to appreciate the gift called “life.”

Robert J. O’Keefe

Gaining the High Ground Over Evolutionism

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Robert J. O’Keefe earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. He lives with his wife Kathleen in Columbus, Ohio.

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