Esoteric Liquid & Red E Liquid is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

9 expertly crafted flavors!
Esoteric Liquid is a 6 flavor line with a wide variety of complex flavors that are true to description. Give us a try and you will find your next all day vape that is sure to exceed your expectations and leave you wanting more.
Red E-Liquid is a unique 3 flavor line that is sure to blow your mind!! Try all 3 in this line and find your next go-to flavor that will leave you wondering how e-liquid could be made this complex and smooth!



Key lime pie in all of its citrus glory! Prime takes a buttery graham cracker crust and fills it with a silky smooth lime filling that is the perfect mix of sweet and tart, rich and light. Red E Liquid has fully represented all of the flavors in this delicious summer dessert with an impressive accuracy and attention to detail. If you’re a lover of this classic Floridian dessert, give Prime a try!


Fresh is a perfectly titled vape juice because this blend truly evokes fresh, natural flavor to the fullest. Exotic, succulent mango and sour pineapple come together with freshly harvested peaches and pears to make this fruit cocktail that will satisfy all of your refreshment needs. Red E Liquid pulled out all of the stops with this bold, vibrant juice that screams fun in the sun!


Perfectly ripe in every way. A thick, creamy oatmeal is sprinkled with aromatic cinnamon and topped with slices from a crisp, sweet apple for a vape juice blend that tastes like an apple crumble. Red E Liquid made this multi-dimensional flavor with a warm, autumn vibe for those of us who enjoy comfort foods that help us to relax and find our calm. Vape in, exhale and let the days troubles float away in cloud form.



Vape in and feel the indulgent, relaxing coffee shop feeling. Harpy is a vanilla chai blend full of intoxicating aromas and layered flavors with a slight hint of cinnamon giving fall vibes. Esoteric E Liquid makes your coffee breaks last longer, taste better and saves money with its accurate representation of that gourmet, classic taste we all flock to. A sophisticated and classy choice.


Incubus makes breakfast feel like dessert. A tall stack of light, fluffy pancakes is spruced up with loads of ripe, juicy blueberries and a drizzle of sticky, sweet maple syrup. Esoteric E Liquid takes these beloved flavors and ensures they are represented to their full potential with authentic, full and balanced flavors. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t miss out!


Deviant is a rebellious mixture of mango, peach, strawberry and watermelon with a note of lime to accentuate and really set it all off. Esoteric E Liquid takes natural, pure fruit flavors that taste like they’ve just been harvested from nature itself for your enjoyment. It’s impossible to lose your interest with a blend of bold, different flavors like this, you can pick up a new sensation with every inhale.


Enigma is a mysterious vape juice with soft buns covered in cinnamon sugar and a sticky sweet icing. Esoteric E Liquid has made this comforting, home baked vape juice with as much love and care as your mothers would so you can get that cozy, relaxed feel. The perfect combination of sweet, savory and spicy that will ward away those homesick blues.


It’s no secret why Cryptic is so popular. A creamy mix of bananas, strawberries and sweet cream blended together until it’s silky smooth will have you feeling like you went to a high end juice bar. Fresh, fruity flavors work wonderfully with cream and make a smoothie treat that feels so pure and natural. Give yourself a little extra pep in your step and feel more put together with this trendy blend.


The light, fresh, sensual dessert favorite is given a new decadent twist. Succubus will completely seduce you with the addition of a rich, creamy caramel that gives an extra layer to the classic combination that fits in perfectly. Esoteric E Liquid made this masterpiece for everyone who is looking for an indulgent treat that will satisfy their cravings and add some passion into their routine.

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