Isabelle Giroday Releases Fine Art Photographic Series XO Kids Raising Global Awareness Of Autism Spectrum Disorder Children

Fine art photographer Isabelle Giroday recently released a powerful series relating society’s view on extra-ordinary children “XO Kids™”. This project aims at raising global awareness of children that are “different” and their need to be seen, heard and loved just as they are.

Fine art photographer Isabelle Giroday released Wednesday her personal series “XO Kids™” pointing out the way society looks at children that are “different”, in particular those said to have Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

“The photographs represent how society sees XO Kids™ today: flawed and shadow-like. This current collective distorted view keeps society from seeing who these kids really are. Considering how many children we’re talking about, it’s urgent to shift the collective consciousness!” Giroday stated.

Giroday further explains that an increasing number of today’s children are “different” and do not fit in society’s preconceived idea of how children must learn and behave. Labels are quickly put on them and may include terms such as Asperger or high-functioning (both part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder), highly sensitive and ADHD. Once labeled, these children are often seen as “handicapped” and many parents are urged to put them on medication. 

It is estimated that about 1 percent of the world population has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) of which 85% live in developing countries. In the US alone, prevalence of autism in US children is said to have increased from 1 in 150 in 2000 to 1 in 45 in 2014.

“The 1 in 45 estimate is not surprising and is likely a more accurate representation of autism prevalence in the United States,” comments epidemiologist Michael Rosanoff, Autism Speaks director for public health research.

World-wide ADHD prevalence in kids aged 18 and under is evaluated at 7.2%, or around 129 million children, and estimates suggest two-thirds of individuals with ADHD show features of ASD. This combination could mean around 97 million children have both ADHD and features of ASD.

“These children are treated as shadows, not being looked at for who they really are. They are often gifted individuals with great intelligence. They are many times naturally intuitive and empathic and express an intense curiosity for life. This project is aimed at getting these XO Kids™ seen and heard,” Giroday said.

Giroday wants to raise global awareness of how XO Kids™ are treated, so that governments, teachers, parents and caregivers learn to understand them where they are at and stop demanding them to be who they are not.

Acclaimed Professor in clinical psychology Dr Tony Attwood is internationally renowned for his work with Aspergers Syndrome: “When I meet someone with Asperger’s and explain the diagnosis to them, I say, Congratulations! You have Asperger’s Syndrome. You’re different. You’re not mad, bad or defective. You’re just different, like being left-handed in a right-handed world.”

Isabelle Giroday is a Swedish and French fine art photographer and a Digigraphie® artist, an international Best-Selling author, a publisher and a speaker. She currently resides in France.

While photography lays the foundation for her body of work, it is used as a tool and not as an end. Her background in fine arts clearly permeates her creativity and adds another dimension to her work, enhancing the expressed emotions.

Isabelle Giroday is listed with Artprice™, the global leader in art market information.

She caters to art collectors, interior designers and companies and her work is showcased worldwide.

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